Last Chance U Season 3 Cast: Where Are the Players Now?

Last Chance U Season 3 did not disappoint in following the binge-worthy nature of the previous seasons thanks to a new cast of characters at Independence Community College. Netflix may have just released the docu-series in July, but the majority of the show's filming ended last fall after the football season. A lot has gone on since then, and Heavy is here to provide you with updates on the featured people on Last Chance U. There are spoilers ahead, so you may not want to read further if you are still watching Season 3.

The Last Chance U quarterback and coach often become the face for the show. This year was no different as former Florida State quarterback Malik Henry was both the big-time transfer and quarterback featured on Last Chance U. Jason Brown plays the role of the intense football coach, who also shows his softer side of caring for the players. The two often clashed on the show, but Henry has repeatedly said they have a good relationship. We go in-depth about Henry's situation later in this article, but the summary is Henry is still looking for an offer.

After turning around Independence, Brown is back as Indy head coach for 2018, and Netflix announced the show will be back for a second season in Kansas. It will be interesting to see who emerges as the new faces of the show with so many people no longer on the team. Brown spoke with SB Nation about the turnaround at Independence that he helped orchestrate.

"That was who we were supposed to be," Brown told SB Nation. "There’s so much to do here. It was just a place that was down, and we had to revive it and try to create a new standard, create a culture that kinda permeates through the entire student body, and kinda what we’ve done. But this is a five-, six-year process that we’ve done in 24 months. And we shoulda been 8-2, 9-1 in year one, to be honest. We were very close. And then the rules changed and it became completely unlimited [scholarships and signings], and now it’s kinda fallen into my hands because that’s what I live for — recruiting kids."

One person who fans could be watching again in Season 4 is Bobby Bruce. At the end of Season 3, the show noted that Bruce was not expected back at Independence after he was arrested this summer. There is still an on-going investigation over Bruce's alleged involvement in a robbery, but Bruce is back at Independence for the time being. We go in-depth about Bruce's situation later, but there is still a chance Bruce can play this season at Indy.

Former Texas Tech wide receiver Carlos Thompson will not be back as he will be playing for Missouri Western this season. It looks like all the money his mother paid for transcripts is paying off. Last Chance U director Greg Whiteley spoke to SB Nation about the differences in filming at EMCC and Independence.

"Well, we had a lot of access at EMCC," Whiteley noted to SB Nation. "I think because of Buddy’s temperament, sometimes that access would fluctuate. But it was still a level of access that most filmmakers would be envious of on other projects. With Coach Brown, it just never changed. There was never a time in which I asked if we could film and he said no. And for me personally, it was unprecedented. I think I’ve enjoyed pretty remarkable access, whether it was Mitt Romney running for President or other films that I’ve made. But Coach Brown is a whole other level. He was completely an open book."

As we await Season 4, let's take a look at some of Last Chance U's notable characters from this past season, and what they are up to today. Click the next button to see where they are now.