Last Chance U Season 3 Cast: Where Are the Players Now?

Malik Henry Is Still Waiting for an Offer

Henry became the center of the show, and displayed some of the volatility that existed at Independence. At some point during the show, Henry told off teammates, coaches and anyone else that would listen. At the same time, Henry showed a bit of vulnerability admitting to struggling with depression, and the pressures of living up to the expectations as one of the top quarterbacks in the country coming out of high school. It is hard to condone some of Henry's actions, but I think most viewers end up wanting to see Henry turn his things around by the end of the show.

Where is Henry today? It is to be determined, and Henry has stayed mostly silent before recently granting an interview to FS1's Jason Whitlock on Speak for Yourself. Prior to the interview, Henry had not spoken much about the docu-series or his future. He did tweet out his support for head coach Jason Brown.

“Some might not understand, our relationship was different than most. Listen to the message and not the tone. Father son type @INDYHEADCOACH1 #BuiltDifferent,” Henry tweeted.

Henry was joined by his father on the FS1 set, and the topics ranged from Last Chance U to his time at Florida State. Be sure to check out our full breakdown of Henry's latest interview. As for Henry's future, Henry declined to go into specifics, but did say he is being recruited by a "couple schools." While he did not mention the schools by name, Henry said he expected to play football again in 2018. It does not appear likely he is headed back to Independence.

Last fall, there had been rumblings that Henry was being recruited by Ole Miss, and 247 Sports reported the school offered Henry last October. This appears to have fallen through given Henry is still looking to find a landing spot. It seems unlikely Henry would play DI ball this season with just weeks to go before the season startS.

As for Last Chance U, Henry was not pleased with the way the show portrayed him. While he continued to back Coach Brown, Henry felt like the docu-series did not show the full picture of their relationship. He admitted that all the disagreements happened, but noted it was just part of their relationship.

During the interview, we found out both his grandparents suffered severe health issues after Henry went to Florida State. Henry's dad noted he wanted to come home and be with his family. Henry's father told him the best thing he could do was stay put in Tallahassee and focus on football. According to the FS1 interview, Henry struggled with life away from his family during his time at Florida State. This led to increased anxiety and ultimately depression during his tenure with the Seminoles. After a visit with his son late in the 2016 season, Henry and his father decided the best move was for him to leave the program.

We will have to wait and see what Henry's next move is after Independence, but it would not be surprising if Henry took a DII offer as a way to play himself back into DI for 2019.