TJ Lavin Wrecks His Face After Overshooting Jump [Graphic Photo]

TJ Lavin graphic photo


The Challenge host TJ Lavin wrecked his face after overshooting a jump that he’s been working on. The avid BMX rider posted a few videos to his Instagram story on Monday afternoon, showing the accident — and the aftermath.

“That sucked man. So, I overshot the jump — the new jump that I’ve been working on all month — I finally hit it. And overshot it by a lot. Yeah,” Lavin said, recording himself from his hospital bed.

He then uploaded a video of the crash — and then uploaded photos of his injuries. Not only did he bang up his face, but he also tore up his leg pretty good. Thankfully, Lavin wasn’t injured too badly — he just needed some stitches — but his face looked pretty gnarly after the crash.

“So, in case you were wondering, the cat scan was negative, no brain problems. And the knee came back, no knee problems. So, just a little stitches here and there. No worries. Keeping it real,” Lavin said in another video. He then uploaded a video of his stitched up forehead, giving his doc a thumbs up. “Nice job, doc,” Lavin said.

A short while later, his good pal — and Challenge alum — Johnny Bananas took to Instagram to share a message about Lavin, asking for fans to send “love.”

“The rebel in this man will never die! Life gives us only what we can handle… Apparently life knows @tjlavin is a Badass,” Bananas wrote. You can check out his post below.

In a recent radio interview, Lavin revealed that he “nearly drowned” in Costa Rica while working for MTV. He decided to go for a swim, but the undertow was stronger than he had anticipated.

“There’s a nasty undertow, and I went out into the ocean like nothing. Like, I was good, and I was like, ‘No problem. I’m just going to go out here and go swimming.’ Before I knew it, I was, like, 100 yards off the coast,” Lavin said during an interview with Flip the Strip last month. “[My friend] was surfing and he grabbed his surfboard and rushed out there and got me. He was like, ‘You’re way far out here, bro,’ and I was like, ‘I couldn’t get back in.’ … We rode the surfboard together into the shore and we kind of just had to go wherever we could, and it ended up in the rocks. It was just a mess. That’s the only thing I remember from Costa Rica,” he added.

Back in 2005, Lavin was placed in a medically induced coma following a BMX accident at the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas.

“He suffered brain bleeding, a broken wrist and an orbital fracture, in addition to a bout with pneumonia that developed during his treatment. He returned home that November after a month in the hospital,” Us Weekly reported.

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