NFL Preseason Schedule: What Football Games Are on TV Today, August 9?

nfl preseason schedule

Getty Dak Prescott and the Cowboys make their preseason debut tonight against the 49ers on NFL Network.

Football is officially back as Thursday, August 9 kicks off the NFL preseason Week 1 schedule. The majority of today’s games will be relegated to regional coverage with the exception of NFL Network’s double header. The Cleveland Browns get things started against the New York Giants at 7 p.m. Eastern on NFL Network. The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers serve as tonight’s national TV finale at 10 p.m. Eastern on NFL Network. Click here for a listing of the regional games broadcast in your area.

While the Hall of Fame game technically kicked off the preseason, tonight marks the first full slate with 12 games on tap. There are a lot of intriguing storylines include the rookie debuts in the Browns-Giants matchups. Baker Mayfield is expected to play in his first NFL game as he continues to compete for the Cleveland starting quarterback job. Saquon Barkley, one of the most heralded running backs to enter the league in years, will debut for the Giants as well.

Questions surround the Cowboys passing attack with the release of Dez Bryant this off-season. It is unclear who will be the Cowboys new No. 1 wide receiver, so fans will be watching to see who emerges in the pre-season. After years of sitting behind Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo is hoping to pick up where he left off last season after being traded to San Francisco, and cement himself as the 49ers quarterback of the future.

Andrew Luck will make his return after missing all of last season as he recovered from a shoulder injury. Luck spoke with the Indy Star about how he felt being back on the field.

“I feel better,” Luck explained Indy Star. “I feel stronger, I feel more fit, I feel like my arm has more in it, a little more in it, a little more in it…I’m a little happier with myself, which is the crux of the matter, and that allows me to really enjoy football. It does feel a bit more like a game to me instead of a job or a profession. I don’t ever want to lose that feeling. I sort of get it when you hear guys in their late 30s or 40s and they’re talking about, ‘It’s like playing a kid’s game!’ I think I semi-understand what they feel in their hearts now.”

Here’s a look at the NFL preseason schedule for Thursday, August 9 as well as NFL Network’s plans to re-air some of the matchups on Friday, August 10.

NFL Schedule: Thursday, August 9

Browns vs. Giants 7 p.m. NFL Network
Saints vs. Jaguars 7 p.m.
Buccaneers vs. Dolphins 7 p.m.
Panthers vs. Bills 7 p.m.
Bears vs. Bengals 7 p.m.
Steelers vs. Eagles 7 p.m.
Redskins vs. Patriots 7:30 p.m.
Rams vs. Ravens 7:30 p.m.
Titans vs. Packers 8 p.m.
Texans vs. Chiefs 8:30 p.m.
Cowboys vs. 49ers 10 p.m. NFL Network
Colts vs. Seahawks 10 p.m.

NFL Network’s Re-Airing Preseason Schedule: Friday, August 10

NFL Network will be re-airing some of Thursday’s games throughout Friday, August 10. Here’s a look at the re-airing schedule in case you are not able to catch today’s games live.

Rams vs. Ravens 1 a.m.
Colts vs. Seahawks 4 a.m.
Panthers vs. Bills 10 a.m.
Redskins vs. Patriots 1 p.m.
Steelers vs. Eagles 4 p.m.


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