DeMarcus Lawrence on Colin Kaepernick: Why Hate Because He’s Succeeding?

Colin Kaepernick

Getty Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick tweeted after the Eric Reid signing.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Colin Kaepernick’s red-hot Nike campaign. After all, it’s hard not to, and while there’s been a mixture of responses pouring in, Dallas Cowboys pass-rusher DeMarcus Lawrence didn’t hold back his feelings on the topic. In short, he’s more than willing to fully back Kaepernick and do so publicly.

As Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News revealed, Lawrence offered a strong statement when the topic came up.

While there’s been plenty of arguments on both sides of Kaepernick’s campaign (which can be seen below), many players have backed the former NFL quarterback. One of which, apparently, was New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, as reporter Dov Kleiman showed.

The Cowboys pass-rusher will grab a few headlines with these recent comments, but it’s especially interesting to hear considering previous statements from team owner Jerry Jones. As revealed, Jones stated his team has a policy which requires players to stand for the national anthem.

Obviously, Lawrence’s comments don’t mean he’ll kneel during the anthem, but the Cowboys owner has stayed strong about his feelings on the topic. So much so, that he was actually told to stop talking about the anthem by the league.

Kaepernick’s campaign with Nike isn’t likely to cool off anytime soon, which is unquestionably what both the athletic company and former signal caller were hoping for.

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Milton Floyd

Colin Kaepernick’s whole shtick is based on lies. It’s time to call a spade a spade.

Luke Smith

Lawrence’s comments on standing for the anthem are eerily like what Prescott said. Make book on it that Lawrence will not be crucified in the media as Prescott was. I also wonder if Lawrenc is aware that Nike products are made in Indonesian sweat shops under conditions that are actually worse than slavery and the workers are paid at less than subsistence level? No respect left here for Kap whose stand for human rights is apparently very flexible since he’s willing to sell out to the corporate slave masters. Hypocrites are among the most detestable of human beings.


When you say Nike products are made in Indonesian sweat shops under conditions that are actually worse than slavery. Name a few, honestly asking for a comparative list. Or are you just trying to make yourself sound like you know what you are saying.

I have zero doubts that sweat shops and other production of products under cheaply paid labor are under very abhorred conditions, to say the least. But when a person use the ever predictable ‘contrast’ or compares it to just words ‘slaves’ and ‘slavery’ without understanding or never having had read conditions of slavery has me questioning what does the person (who evokes that word) know or has read in regards to slave conditions from the past; then claim something else is worse than a being serf.

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