NFL Power Rankings Week 1

The first of many editions of the 2018 NFL power rankings have arrived and the best way to describe Week 1 is predictably unpredictable. So many things happened to catch us by surprise while other things were surprising but should have been expected. Let's start with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who honestly may have ruined 75 percent of the country's survivor pool entries before Week 2. It was Fitzmagic time as Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for more than 400 yards and four touchdowns. The Saints defense had no answer for the Bucs as Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson combined for nearly 300 receiving yards.

Packers fans went through a range of emotions after watching Aaron Rodgers lying on the field holding his leg during the first half. Rodgers was carted off the field and all signs pointed to Rodgers missing a significant amount of time. Then in typical Rodgers fashion, he walked onto the field for the second half. Not only did Rodgers play, he led the Packers to a comeback victory as Green Bay outscored Chicago 21-3 in the fourth quarter to pull off the most impressive comeback of the weekend. Rodgers has already declared himself healthy enough to play against the Vikings in Week 2. It was so Aaron Rodgers.

Expected contenders like the Eagles, Patriots, Jaguars and Vikings all handled their business in Week 1. None of the teams had extremely impressive wins, but each did what they needed to do to start the season 1-0. The Carolina Panthers defeated a Dallas Cowboys team that looked dreadful on offense. It is hard to know whether to credit the Panthers defense or criticize the Cowboys game plan that resulted in such poor play

The Chiefs offense looks like it is going to be a lot of fun to watch this season, especially if Tyreke Hill has anything to say about it. Patrick Mahomes got off to a smashing start, and has a chance to be one of the most exciting NFL quarterbacks to watch this season.

For defenders hoping to chase the NFL sack title, the Broncos Von Miller has a three-sack head start after Denver punished the Seahawks offense. The Broncos managed to come away victorious despite Case Keenum throwing three interceptions in his Broncos debut.

There is also still football yet to be played, including a beefed-up Rams team taking on the Raiders. The Rams added a number of pieces on defense to try to match the production they are getting on offense under Sean McVay. The NFL is unpredictable in that teams who have been overlooked, can smash their opponent without warning on any given week. It is predictable in that many times the unpredictable feats are done by some of the game's most legendary players. We're looking at you Rodgers, who has a history of late-game heroics, especially in games like the Bears-Packers that carries a bit more weight.

Click the next arrow to see our Week 1 NFL power rankings with the top 10 ranked teams. You can also click on a specific team's profile below.

No. 10 Baltimore Ravens

No. 9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

No. 8 Kansas City Chiefs

No. 7 Green Bay Packers

No. 6 Denver Broncos

No. 5 Jacksonville Jaguars

No. 4 Philadelphia Eagles

No. 3 Minnesota Vikings

No. 2 Los Angeles Rams

No. 1 New England Patriots

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