Ryan Fitzpatrick Memes: Best Funny Fitzmagic Images Including Conor McGregor

ryan fitzpatrick

Getty There have been no shortage of Ryan Fitzpatrick memes since his infamous press conference.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has not only been impressive on the football field, he also stole the show with his best Conor McGregor impression during a Bucs postgame press conference. Fitzpatrick “borrowed” Bucs wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s wardrobe to conduct interviews with the media after the Bucs Week 2 victory. The result was a lot of funny memes. Here’s a clip of the press conference in case you have not seen it.

“I got like two more [questions], because [DeSean] needs his stuff back,” Fitzpatrick said at the press conference per CBS Sports. “I borrowed your stuff, sorry, DeSean.”

Fitzpatrick admitted that the only thing that he owned from the outfit was the chest hair. Fitzpatrick did not have the same kind of game against the Steelers that he did the first two weeks, but Bucs fans still believe in Fitzmagic.

Here’s a look at the funniest Fitzpatrick memes.

Fitzpatrick’s Look Inspired a Lot of Conor McGregor Comparisons

The side-by-side photo shows an uncanny resemblance from Fitzpatrick to MMA fighter Conor McGregor. As for the comparisons, Fitzpatrick told Dan Patrick he would take it (via USA Today).

The first time I heard it was last year. We were playing Minnesota, so I was walking around the Mall of America with Garrison Sanborn and Brian Anger and Nick Folk, and somebody came up to me and started talking to me about my fight with Mayweather. And it took me a minute, I didn’t really know what they were talking to, and then when they walked away, I came to the realization that they thought I was Conor McGregor. Which, I think I’m a little bit probably bigger and chubbier than he is, but I’m OK with it I guess.

Fitzpatrick’s Swag Has Increased Since He Entered the League

There are lots of before and after photos circulating that feature Fitzpatrick’s old look when he first entered the league. After 15 years in the league, it looks like Fitzpatrick has gained a bit of confidence.

Fitzpatrick Stole DeSean Jackson’s Outfit

The above photo shows DeSean Jackson actually wearing his own outfit. Jackson told TMZ Sports he might dress Fitzpatrick every week.

DeSean Jackson says Ryan Fitzpatrick looked SO GOOD in his borrowed clothes after Sunday’s game … he’s gonna make it his mission to keep him fresh all season long!!

TMZ Sports spoke with the Bucs star WR after he lit up the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday — a team he takes great pleasure in torching ever since they let him go back in 2014.

“It felt like no other, bro” DeSean said when asked about that 75 yard TD on the first play of the game … “It was like surreal. It was a great feeling.”

Fitzpatrick Was Not So Fitzmagic against the Steelers

Fitzpatrick has played on seven different NFL teams, and it is awesome to see him have success again. That said, there is a reason Fitzpatrick has bounced around the league. Sometimes his game can lead to four touchdown passes, while other times it leads to four interceptions.

There Are Plenty of Jameis Winston Jokes

Jameis Winston was suspended for the first three games, and all signs point to Fitzpatrick holding on to the starting quarterback position when Winston returns. Winston is likely cheering on the Bucs from home, but there might be a small part of him hoping Fitzpatrick slips up a little so it opens the door for him to regain the starting job.

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