WATCH: Atlanta Hawks Fans Get Their Haircuts at the Game

Getty Images Atlanta Hawks fans have a new experience at their arena.

Nowadays, arenas and stadiums are doing all that they can do to make the fan experience more enjoyable. Some franchises figure if they bring in a top superstar off the free agency market then that’s enough. Others think that maybe a new mascot will bring more fans to come and see the team. But there are other teams who go above and beyond all of that, and make additions that you would never think of.

The Atlanta Hawks have decided to add a barbershop into their arena this past summer. There were plans back in 2017 of a barbershop, a club, and a golf simulator all added into State Farm Arena at some point to be completed for the 2018-2019 season.

Last night, the Atlanta Hawks hosted the Dallas Mavericks in a regular season matchup that resulted in a win for the home crowd. Social media had a blast with all of the videos coming out from the Hawks home opener on Wednesday. Not only was the mascot killing it on the dance floor/court, but everybody was getting a kick out of the barbershop feature that has finally opened up in the arena.

The Swag Shop

This is definitely a first. Instead of going out before the game and getting your haircut. You can just enjoy the game live directly from the barber’s chair. Quite an interesting feature. The Hawks teamed up with rapper “Killer Mike” to make this project happen. The Hawks goal was to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for “Every single fan of Atlanta.”

As you can see in the video, the game wasn’t very entertaining for the guy who was currently in the chair. The Hawks might’ve been down 51-26, but the game got interesting shortly after this clip. The Hawks ended up climbing back and beating the Mavericks 111-104. So, not only was the home-opener a success for the team, but it looks like The Shop is getting its business.

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