11 Best Bike Racks for Cars: Compare & Save

If you’re tired of trying to cram your bike into your vehicle, it’s time to check out the best bike racks for cars. We’ve picked out the best bike racks for sedans, hatchbacks and other types of cars.

Need a bike rack for a larger vehicle? Check out our best bike racks for SUVs.

What Are the Best Bike Racks for Cars Available Right Now?

best bike rack for car Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Works with 1.25- or 2.0-inch hitch
  • Tilt-away design for trunk access
  • Wobble-free hitch installation
Price: $111.20 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bike rack for car Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy to mount
  • Powerful suction cups
  • Won't damage vehicle paint
Price: $299.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bike rack for car Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Anti-sway cradles
  • Affordable
Price: $86.72 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
car bike rack Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits most sedans and hatchbacks
  • Assembles in seconds
  • Lifetime warranty
Price: $39.93 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bike rack for cars Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits most sedans and hatchbacks
  • Affordable
  • Individual soft cradles
Price: $89.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bike rack for car
  • Ideal for hatch and trunk openings
  • Tool-free installation
  • Coated buckles protect paint
Price: $279.95 Shop now at Competitive Cyclist Shop now Read our review
bike rack for cars Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Made for one bike
  • Compact
  • Ideal for traveling
Price: $75.52 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best bike rack for car Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits most cars, SUVs and vans
  • Folds for storage
  • Classic design
Price: $84.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best bike rack for car Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Budget-friendly
  • Holds up to three bikes
  • Sets up in minutes
Price: $89.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bike rack for cars Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Rugged
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Arrives fully assembled
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
car bike carrier Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Quick hub mounting system
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Carries up to three bikes
Price: $92.96 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Allen Sports Deluxe Locking Trunk Rack (3-Bike)

    • Holds up to three bikes or 105 pounds total
    • Individual tie-down cradles prevent bikes from moving
    • Folding carrying arms for transport
    • Tilt mast isn't as smooth as on higher-end models
    • Lacks dual compound cradles
    • May need to secure front wheels with bungee cords

    As long as your car has a 1.25- or 2.0-inch hitch, you can haul up to three bikes using this Allen Sports bike rack. You’ll find Deluxe and Premier versions of this rack, including options for models that lock.

    Aside from price, the main difference between the two is the dual compound tie-down cradles and tie-downs to add an extra element of protection. All racks hold three bikes, or up to 105 pounds, and work with 1.25- and 2.0-inch receiver hitches.

    The Deluxe and Deluxe Locking don’t have a rapid tilt-away mast for trunk access, so you’ll want to step up to at least the Deluxe+ Locking if you want speedy access to your trunk. The Deluxe and Deluxe Locking do have a tilt-away mast and folding carry arms; they just don’t work quite as fast. Quick folding carrying arms are available on the Deluxe+ Locking and up.

    Individual tie-down cradles are standard across all models, as is a wobble-free hitch installation.

  2. 2. SeaSucker Talon Rack (1-Bike)

    • Holds bikes up to 45 pounds
    • Easy to transport in a carrying bag
    • Mounts onto your vehicle's roof, trunk or rear glass
    • Only fits one bike
    • May start to lose suction after a few hours of use
    • Requries separate fork mount plugs to fit thru-axles

    If you can get past its unique design, there’s lots to like about this bike rack, which mounts onto your vehicle’s roof, trunk or rear glass. You’ll also find a rear wheel cup with a 22-inch strap to secure virtually any bike tire in place.

    Each vacuum cup has a pull-strength rating of 210 pounds. There’s no hitch or trunk mount, which means you don’t have to worry about finding the right fit or potentially scratching your car’s paint.

    Despite their robust suction power, the mounts won’t damage your car. Not only does it require a minimal amount of space, the Talon weighs just six pounds and can be easily carried in a bike bag or a backpack. It also installs in seconds and is compatible with nearly any car.

    This bike rack for cars holds up to 45 pounds and will work on most cars, trucks and SUVs. It’s also manufactured and assembled in the U.S.

  3. 3. Schwinn Car Bike Rack (2-Bike)

    • Fits most sedans, hatchbacks and vans
    • Holds up to two bikes
    • Tie-down bars for added security
    • Straps aren't the most secure
    • Can be tough to fit bikes with curved handlebars
    • Some say the straps loosen while driving

    You can securely haul two bikes (up to 35 pounds each) with this affordable bike carrier. Its versatile design means this trunk rack is a good fit for most sedans, hatchbacks and vans.

    Once your bike is in place you can use the included tie-downs to hold it firmly in place. If you’re hauling more than one bike, the anti-sway cradles prevent bike-on-bike contact.

    This bike rack for cars doesn’t require any assembly and sets up in just minutes. When you’re done, simply fold it up for storage.

  4. 4. Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Rack (2-Bike)

    • Tie-down system holds the bikes firmly in place while you're driving
    • Narrow carry arms accommodate a variety of bikes
    • Top, bottom and side straps for added stability
    • Hooks may scratch car paint
    • Doesn't come with a bike lock
    • Straps may loosen a bit at higher speeds

    This two-bike mount rack from Allen Sports fits most sedans and hatchbacks, as well as SUVs and minivans. Not only does the bike rack set up in just seconds, it also comes fully assembled, so you can simply attach it to your vehicle and head out with your bikes.

    A tie-down system holds the bikes firmly in place while you’re driving and minimizes contact between the bike and car. Narrow carry arms accommodate a variety of bike sizes and styles, so you don’t have to limit yourself to a specific type of bike for your outings.

    In addition to straps on the top and bottom, you’ll also find side straps for added stability. This bike rack for cars is backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

  5. 5. Tyger Deluxe Trunk Rack (2-Bike)

    • Carries up to two bikes
    • Also works on minivans and SUVs
    • Padded lower frame protects car paint
    • Not compatible with rear spoilers
    • Rack may press against some license plates
    • Straps don't always stay in place

    This two-bike carrier by Tyger fits most sedans and hatchbacks, except ones with a rear spoiler. You can also use it on a larger vehicle, such as an SUV or minivans. A padded lower frame keeps bikes from contacting the vehicle as you drive. A safety strap is included for extra security.

    Whether you’re carrying one bike or two, individual soft cradles keep each bike protected and secure. The arms are designed to fold up when the bike rack isn’t being used. A step-by-step instruction guide is included.

  6. 6. Yakima HalfBack Trunk Rack (3-Bike)

    • Installs in five minutes or less
    • Folding arms for easy transport and storage
    • Built-in bottle opener
    • Can't fit fat bikes
    • Doesn't come with a lock
    • A bit heavy

    Hatchbacks are sometimes overlooked when it comes to finding the best bike racks for cars, but the Yakima HalfBack comfortably fits over hatch and trunk openings. And with enough room to fit three bikes, the HalfBack makes an especially good choice for weekend getaways.

    Installation is quick and tool-free and should take you five minutes or less. Once your bikes are in place, you can secure them in place and prevent scratches with the included strap attachments with coated buckles. Padded feet protect your car’s trunk.

    This bike rack can hold up to 90 pounds and works best for your favorite road and mountain bikes. It’s also equipped with folding arms that collapse for easy transport and storage. Even better, you can enjoy a cold one when the ride is done thanks to the built-in bottle opener.

  7. 7. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Rack (1-Bike)

    • Can be folded up to fit into a backpack
    • Includes three padded legs
    • Comes with adjustable security straps
    • Buttons to collapse bike rack are tough to push
    • Metal clip hooks can scratch paint
    • Not ideal for heavier bikes

    The Allen Sports Ultra Compact Bike Rack carries just one bike at a time. Its compact and minimalist design allows you to efficiently set up the rack, add your bike and get on your way. In fact, this rack is small enough to accompany you on your travels and can be folded up to fit into a backpack. Many cyclists prefer this bike rack for short, frequent trips around town.

    To get your bike to its destination as safely as possible, the rack comes with three padded legs and adjustable security straps. Included tie-downs secure the bike in place while providing plenty of clearance between the bike and your car.

    Not only is it designed for hatchbacks and sedans, the rack is suitable for SUVs and minivans. A two-bike carrier is also available.

  8. 8. Hollywood Racks F1B Trunk Mount Rack (3-Bike)

    • Transports up to three bikes
    • Plenty of space between bikes to reduce contact
    • Built-in tie-down strap for added security
    • Not designed for e-bikes
    • Some bikes may require a top tube adapter to fit on the rack
    • Straps may stretch a bit at first

    The F1B’s origins date back to 1973, and it’s only improved since then. The F1B trunk bike rack features a classic design that works well for a number of vehicles, from cars to SUVs and vans. Hinges in multiple positions allow you to easily strap the rack onto your vehicle.

    When it’s not being used, you can fold the car bike rack up for transport and storage. The total capacity is three bikes, with a maximum of 35 pounds per bike (excluding e-bikes). The rack also comes with a built-in tie-down strap for added security.

    A generous 14.5-inch distance between the support arms minimizes the risk of bike-on-bike contact as you drive.

  9. 9. SportRack Bike Rack (3-Bike)

    • Anti-sway cradles prevent bike-to-bike contact
    • Arms fold for easy storage
    • Comes with several adjustable straps
    • Some find it tough to fit three full-size bikes
    • Doesn't come with a lock
    • Assembly instructions aren't the best

    This affordable bike rack covers all your transportation needs for your favorite local trails and getaways. There’s enough room to fit up to three bikes on the rack, while six adjustable straps hold the rack tightly in place during transport.

    Extra padding keeps hatches and trunks protected against scratches. The rack also has anti-sway rubber cradles to keep the bikes from contacting each other.

    You don’t need any tools for setup, and the rack assembles in just minutes. When you’re done or want to stash the rack inside your car as you head out, the arms fold for your convenience.

  10. 10. Dependable Direct Trunk Rack (3-Bike)

    • Can accommodate standard and oversized bike frames
    • Holds up to three bikes
    • Folds flat against car when not in use
    • Won't work with rear spoilers
    • Can be tough to fit three larger bikes
    • Some wish there was more padding to protect car paint

    This three-bike rack stands out for its durability, including a high strength steel construction with reinforced ABS plastic. On the outside, a powder coating protects against rust. The rack fits three bikes, weighing up to 35 pounds each.

    The rubber frame holders can accommodate standard and oversized bike frames. This rack fits sedans and hatchbacks along with minivans and SUVs. However, it isn’t compatible with rear spoilers. Installation takes just minutes as the rack comes fully assembled.

    This rack folds flat against the car when it’s not being used to transport bikes.

  11. 11. SportRack Pursuit Trunk Rack (3-Bike)

    • Six adjustable straps to keep bikes secure
    • Soft padding prevents vehicle from scratches
    • Anti-sway design holds bikes steady
    • Doesn't come with a lock
    • Installation can be tricky
    • Not a lot of space between carrying arms

    Its versatile design makes this trunk-mount rack a good fit for most cars. Once it’s on, you can transport up to three bikes at a time. An anti-sway design keeps the bikes from contacting each other or your vehicle during transport. The bikes also nest in soft rubber cradles and straps to prevent excessive movement while preserving the paint and top tubes.

    There are six adjustable straps in total, so you can make sure the bike is securely in place before you head out. Soft padding keeps the rack from scratching your vehicle as you drive.

    A quick hub mounting system makes installation that much easier. This car bike carrier also folds flat when it’s not in use.

How Do I Choose a Bike Rack for My Car?

If you're planning on hauling your bike around, a good bike rack is a must. Whether you're looking to spend top dollar on the best bike racks for cars or you're looking for one that's better for budget shoppers, we've got options for everyone.

According to Sacred Rides, stability is the most important component when you choose a bike rack. Not only should the bike rack be strong enough to support your bikes in transit, you'll want to make sure that it can hold a heavier bike if that's what you're transporting.

Most of the best bike racks for cars can easily support most road and mountain bikes, and some can even hold heavier fat tire and e-bikes.

Which Is the Best Rear Bike Rack?  

When it comes to finding the best rear bike rack, most sedan owners will probably be looking at trunk-mounted racks or even roof racks. Trunk racks generally fit most sedans and hatchbacks. Some models will even clear a rear spoiler.

If you do have a receiver on your car and are looking into a hitch mount rack, be sure to select the proper size. Most vehicles are equipped with a 1.25- or 2-inch receiver.

It's not nearly as common, but another option is a suction-mounted bike rack. This innovative type of rack may look a bit strange (and less than secure) at first glance, but seems to have a loyal following. 

According to Velosurance, vacuum mounts are handy because you can attach them to virtually any glass or smooth painted surface and are very dependable when properly used and maintained.

Which Car Bike Rack Is Best for Me?

In addition to price, the best bike racks for cars tend to be ones that will safely and securely get your bikes to and from your destination.

Many bike racks come with extra tie-down straps for added security, along with anti-sway cradles to hold the bikes firmly in place.

Some racks include rubber feet or coated straps to minimize scratches to your car and bike.

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