Steph Curry Embraces #RuinTheGame Hashtag After Insane 51-Point Showcase

Steph Curry Wizards, Steph Curry Three

Getty Stephen Curry during his 51-point performance against the Washington Wizards.

Five games into the season, Steph Curry has more threes than the totals of four whole other NBA teams. The Oklahoma City Thunder have 26 threes as a team, the Cavaliers have 28, the Clippers have 29, and the Pelicans 32.

Curry’s personal total rose to 33 three-pointers made after last night’s 22-point blowout against the Wizards, where there was seemingly nothing the defense could do to stifle his quick release.

The Wizards were at a loss as they sustained the beating by the Warriors, who along with Steph’s 51 had players like Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson scoring in double figures as usual–Durant had 30 points, Thompson 19.

Eleven of Curry’s 33 threes came just last night, marking his 6th career game with that many or more. This puts him in an even higher echelon of great shooters–Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson have each made 11 three-pointers exactly once in their careers.

Curry set the record for three-pointers made in a single game–13–back in 2016, and last night’s performance lifted him to fifth in the ranking of career three-pointers made.


After the carnage, Steph posted a picture of himself shrugging with the caption: “No idea what to say. #RuinTheGame”

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No idea what to say. #RuinTheGame

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“Ruining the game” is something the Warriors are accused of often. When Kevin Durant joined the Warriors juggernaut he was villainized as a “snake”, and the same was said of Boogie Cousins’s recent move to the already-near-unbeatable team.

Steph, too, has been accused of ruining the game in his own way. Though he was originally drafted by the Golden State Warriors and helped them become the team to beat–and, apparently, the team to join–Steph’s accuracy behind the arc has been instrumental in eliminating the prevalence of short-range jumpers in the NBA.

Nowadays in the NBA, it’s a drive, or it’s a three. You can thank the Steph Curry for that.

His prolific 3-point shooting is unstoppable when he catches fire, and he regularly throws it up with an accuracy that is at times ridiculous to watch.

Even facing backwards, from half court, he drains it.

Steph’s post pokes fun at the fact that people accuse him of ruining the game–it takes a lot to ruin a game; he’s that good.

His play style and superstardom have affected not just the NBA, but the entire basketball world from the ground up. In a Men’s Journal Article, an elementary school basketball coach wrote:

“Almost all of the players I coach on my kid’s elementary school basketball team share two notable characteristics: they worship Golden State’s Steph Curry, and they all think nothing of heaving thirty-foot jumpers in any game situation. They toss them up with a teammate open under the basket; they launch them when they’re off-balanced and outmatched; they shoot when they’re up by ten and it’s still the first quarter. Fundamentals are always hard to teach to 4th and 5th graders, and they always will be, but this year, it’s worse than ever, and Steph’s ludicrous shooting is to blame, because these kids want to be like Curry — wouldn’t you?”

Steph’s hucking-up of threes can certainly be frustrating to watch if you’re not a Golden State fan. There’s not much the defense can do once he catches fire. But at the very least, basketball fans regardless of team affiliation can appreciate the phenomenal talent coming out of Golden State. Curry will likely become the greatest three-point shooter of all time.

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