DraftKings Week 5 Showdown: Colts vs. Patriots Top Optimal Lineups

Colts vs. Patriots Showdown: Captain Choices & Strategy

This game features a few hit-or-miss plays, an interesting spot with two Patriots wideouts and multiple injuries on the Colts side. In turn, there are going to be quite a few unique ways to build lineups, so in the 150-max games, I'm goinig to take a few more risks and try to hit on some overlooked spots.

The captain spot is going to be especially big on this slate, and could there are a few players I think could be underrated options for the key spot. While often times using a less-expensive player seems appealing so you can potentially fit in two or three stars, choosing whether or not to do that depends on the specific game. I'll break down the spots a bit more as we move forward with the lineups, and detail my thought process on each captain I use.

When I begin building lineups, I'll select 4-5 players to consider for the captain spot, mixing up expensive and cheaper options. From there, you can spread those players across multiple lineups and mix in the other top plays with them.

Here's a look at the options I'll be targeting for the captain spot in Week 5 (with captain pricing of 1.5x more):

– Andrew Luck ($17,100)
– Rob Gronkowski ($14,700)
– James White ($14,100)
– Sony Michel ($10,800)
– Nyheim Hines ($9,900)
– Zach Pascal ($3,000)

Favorite expensive captains: Rob Gronkowski, James White

Top value-saving captain: Nyheim Hines, Zach Pascal

Now, I'm going to break down the lines I'll be using, starting with the optimal lineup, then the 150-max lineup and single-entry breakdown.

*Note: If any players currently listed as questionable are ruled out, but are in lineups, I will update this BEFORE lock Thursday.