9 Best Golf Swing Trainers for a Better Swing (2018)


If you’ve been on a golf course before, you know how hard it is to perfect a swing. Body mechanics are a major reason why you don’t hit the ball or straight or far. But if you’re willing to work at it, most of the best golf training aids out there can certainly help you become more consistent in your game.

Now there are hundreds of training aids to choose from designed to improve tempo, rhythm, strength, and overall mechanics — all vital aspects in developing a proper, steady golf swing. Whether it’s a weighted swing stick, an elbow brace, or a swing path trainer, there’s a tool out there to help you polish your game.

And we’ve compiled a list below of some of the highest-rated and most popular golf training aids for tempo, rhythm, and strength available on the market to help you make your decision. Also, check out our post on the best golf training aids for putting, if you’re looking for help in that department.

What are the Best Golf Training Aids for Swing Improvement?

Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Extremely popular
  • Builds strength
  • Easy to use
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Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unisex
  • Good for both right- and left-handers
  • Inexpensive
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  • Sturdy construction
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy assembly
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  • Works on right or left elbow
  • Instant feedback
  • Adds distance
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  • Durable construction
  • Patented technology
  • Good for both right- and left-handers
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  • Available in men's, women's, and youth
  • Multi-purpose
  • Improves overall mechanics
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  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Compact for easy storage
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  • Popular with pros
  • DVD included
  • 100 percent money back guarantee
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  • Includes instructional DVD
  • For right- and left-handers
  • Available in 1 or up to a 5-pack
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Training Aid for Strength and Tempo Training / Golf Swing Trainer

    • Designed to build muscle memory and strengthen your swing
    • Helps develop better overall mechanics, including swing tempo and flexibility
    • The weighted stick will help build core muscles needed for golf
    • Available in 40- and 48-inch lengths
    • A little pricey
    • The shorter club (40 inch) doesn't have as much flex as the longer (48 inch)
    • Some users found the grip wore down too quickly

    Arguably one of the most popular golf training aids on the market, the SKLZ Gold Flex is designed to build strength and improve your tempo and overall swing. It’s a simple tool to use — just swing the gold flex back and forth without stopping at the impact position.

    The 2.5 pound weighted head will help you develop more power so you’ll get that always-welcomed extra yardage on your drives. And the flex will give a lag during use, which will help develop your tempo. The Gold Flex will help in all aspects of your swing mechanics, including swing plane, improving your overall game.


  2. Izzo Smooth Swing Trainer

    • Helps keep your back elbow close to your body during your swing
    • Helps improve accuracy and distance
    • Helps with consistency by keeping your arms and body in sync
    • Might feel awkward the first few times using it
    • Might not fit very small or large golfers
    • Eventually the it might begin to fray or lose some elasticity

    The Izzo Smooth Swing Trainer is designed to keep your arms and body in sync on each swing. Too often golfers — especially beginners — have too many movable parts during a swing. And when that happens, well, who knows where your golf ball is going to land. It will also help you get used to keeping your back elbow close to your body during your swing.

    Made of a stretchable, neoprene material, the Izzo Smooth Swing Trainer will improve your mechanics, which, of course, will help add distance and give you more consistent, accurate shots. It can work for both left- and right-handed golfers.

    This model has been hailed by many as one of the best golf training aids on the market today.

  3. SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer

    • Gives instant feedback on your swing
    • Designed to eliminate hooks and slices to maximize distance
    • Can be used with any club
    • Some users feel it isn't very durable
    • Probably not best suited for players with stronger swings
    • Some users said the ball flew out of the cable too easily

    The SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer works to help eliminate on hooks, slices, and other off-center golf shots. This is perfect for the golfer who doesn’t have time to get to the driving range. You can set it up in your backyard and get instant feedback. Drive the sturdy stakes into the ground and no practice net is needed.

    Simply swing at the ball hanging from the string with your driver, wood, hybrid, or iron and if you’re on target, the ball will rotate on a vertical axis. If your swing isn’t on line, the ball won’t rotate straight or smoothly.

    Consistent use of the SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer will help you develop proper mechanics and swing path to ultimately improve your overall game.


  4. Tac Tic Elbow Golf Swing Tempo Trainer Tactic

    • Helps correct lead arm break by keeping it fully extended
    • Helps increase swing arc width which gets you more distance and accuracy
    • Very simple to use and compact for easy storage
    • Some found the brace is too small for bigger players
    • Some found that the brace slides too much
    • Some feel the brace is uncomfortable to wear

    The Tac Tic Elbow Golf Swing Tempo Trainer Tactic focuses on your elbows, which are very important for a smooth swing. It keeps the lead elbow straight throughout the swing, a problem many golfers struggle with. But the Tac Tic will alert you if your elbow breaks down with the sound of a “click” so you’ll know it’s not in proper position.

    If your elbow remains extended, you won’t hear a thing. Proper use and elbow placement will increase the width of your swing arc and lead to more accuracy and distance. The Tac Tic Elbow Golf Swing Tempo Trainer Tactic is one size fits all and can be used on both right and left elbows.


  5. Powerchute Swing For Life Golf Swing Trainer

    • Made of durable waterproof nylon cloth with stitching and steel wire tethers
    • Designed to create extra resistance to build club speed and distance
    • Very lightweight and compact so it's easy to transport and store
    • On the pricey side
    • Some users felt it wasn't very durable
    • It's really only useful for adding distance

    Looking to add extra yards off the tee? The Powerchute Swing For Life Golf Swing Trainer is designed to do just that. It’s designed to generate shaft and clubhead resistance, leading to increased club speed and distance.

    It acts like a parachute, when you swing it opens enough to create more air resistance, building the core strength needed to maximize shot distance.

    Other benefits of using the Powerchute Trainer are improved balance, promotion of a full follow through, angle of approach development, and improvement of consistency when it comes to solid contact. Based on innovative technology, this is one of the best golf training aids for your swing.


  6. Golf Impact Ball Swing Plane Trainer Aid

    • Designed to improve muscle memory for more consistency
    • Helps keep your arms in proper position
    • Will help with adding distance and improving accuracy with consistent use
    • Some might find it awkward at first
    • A little pricey
    • Some felt the sizes aren't accurate enough (either too big or too small)

    The idea of the Golf Impact Ball is to get your arms, shoulders, and torso to act in one fluid motion for a smoother, more consistent golf shot. When those parts aren’t working together, there’s a good chance your golf ball isn’t going to go straight and you’re likely going to lose distance, too.

    It’s a useful gadget to aid in all aspects of your game — drives, irons, and around the green. Body mechanics are of vital importance in golf, and the Impact Ball will help you get all your parts moving in sync. Simply hold the ball between your forearms, making sure it doesn’t fall out during your swing. Consistent use of the Impact Ball will aid in getting you a proper stance and a keeping the clubface square on impact.


  7. Swing Sock 8 Oz. Weighted Golf Warm-Up/Trainer

    • Excellent tool for warming up prior to playing
    • Designed to improve overall swing, including extra distance, tempo and consistency
    • It can be used basically anywhere you can swing a club
    • Some users said the sock flew off the club face on occasion
    • This particular sock is probably best-suited for right-handed irons
    • Probably not going to fit on drivers, woods, etc.

    The Swing Sock by ProActive Sports helps your golf swing in a variety of ways. Simply attach the sock to the clubhead of your irons and begin swinging away. Not only does it help improve tempo and swing plane, but it will help you build strength for extra club speed and distance.

    An ideal pre-round warm-up tool, you’ll be loosened up in just minutes and it’s a great way to become more flexible. The Swing Sock can fit easily in your golf bag and can be used anywhere you can swing a club. It promotes weight resistance and muscle memory training ensuring a more consistent, longer golf swing.

    If you're looking for something simple and easy-to-use, the Swing Sock is probably one of the best golf training aids out there.


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    (ProActive Sports/Amazon)

  8. Matzie Men’s Assist Swing Trainer

    • Helps improve all 8 elements of your swing
    • Teaches proper grip, swing tempo, muscle memory, extension, among other aspects
    • Simple to use and should fit in most golf bags
    • This particular model is only available in men's sizes
    • On the pricey side
    • Some users felt the grip was a bit small and wore down quickly

    The Matzie Assist Swing Trainer bills itself as the only swing trainer in the world that will help improves the eight major elements of a golf swing. Those would be grip, strength, weight transfer, clubhead speed, extenstion, wrist action through impact, muscle memory, and tempo and timing.

    You can practice with it anywhere you can swing a club. No golf ball is needed. Simply swing the weighted, bent-shaft designed club a few minutes per day and muscle memory will begin to take over. Give it a few swings a before your round and you’ll notice straighter, longer, and more consistent golf shots when you actually hit the course.

    The Assist has been used by countless professionals and schools. The Assist includes an instructional DVD and instructions written by a PGA Teaching Professional.


  9. Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

    • Helps improve distance
    • Designed to keep your wrists in proper position
    • Lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage
    • Some users had some difficulty attaching it
    • Many users felt it necessary to watch the DVD for proper instruction in order to see results
    • Some users said it took a while to get used to using it

    The Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid is designed to add distance and accuracy by improving your swing plane, tempo, club alignment, and your follow through.

    Attach the clip to the shaft of your club on one end and let the built-in rest to fit against your left forearm (for right-handed golfers). This will help your wrist cock properly and stay in the correct position during the entire swing to promote a more consistent stroke.

    The Swingyde Training Aid works for both right- and left-handed golfers, and is compact to easily transport around. It also includes an instructional DVD and written notes.

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