LOOK: Milwaukee Bucks Have a Sweet Beer Machine at Their New Arena

Getty Images Former home of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Have you ever gotten sick of standing in line at a stadium or arena because the employees have their hands tied doing so many things at once? Of course, you have! It’s definitely frustrating, but it’s typically not the worker’s fault. When you think about it, It’s rough out there for concession workers at sports events.

Everybody wants their food and drinks, and they want it as quickly as possible. With the amount of money that everything costs to attend a sports event, you want to be able to enjoy every minute of it. Unfortunately, not everything can be perfect. But with all of the new stadiums and arena’s being built all over the country, we see modern-day technology at it’s finest.

On Wednesday night, the Milwaukee Bucks opened up their new arena to kickstart the preseason. The Fiserv Forum, located in downtown Milwaukee welcomed in fans for the first time. As the NBA’s latest arena addition, you know the Bucks had to do everything bigger and better. And with that, they just might have the most impressive addition of all. Check out this excellent new beer pouring machine called ‘The Beer Jet.’

Meet ‘The Beer Jet’

ESPN Sports Business Reporter, Darren Rovell hooked us up with a cool video showing us how The Beer Jet works. As you can see, this excellent machine that was developed and built-in Austria can pour up to six beers at once, and up to 1,500 beers-per-hour.

So, this wouldn’t completely eliminate an employee pouring beer, but it definitely makes life a lot easier for a concessions worker. So far, the Bucks are the only team to use this product, but I am sure once other stadiums get information on ‘The Beer Jet’ then there will be a lot more coming in the future.

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