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9 Best Putting Training Aids for Any Golfer

best putting training aids


Who couldn’t use a little help with their putting? There is no shortage of golf training aids to get your putting up to par.

Many players, especially beginners, experience trouble on the green. It’s OK, it’s not the easiest thing to do. But today there are all sorts of tools and devices which are designed to help you get your mechanics squared away so you’ll be more consistent and confident with every putt. So what are the best putting training aids in 2020?

We’ve compiled a list below of some of the most popular ones. Read it through, check out the pros and cons, and decide which is best for you. A side note, this list is in no particular order.

What are the Best Putting Training Aids for Golf?

top best golf training aids putting tempo alignment improvement 2017 Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Portable
  • Popular with pros
  • Instructions/carry bag included
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golf training aids for putting Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Available in 2 colors -- Blue or White
  • Builds accuracy and pace
  • Portable
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best putting training aids Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Low price
  • Portable
  • Improves accuracy and speed
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  • Easy to use
  • Original design
  • Endorsed by Phil Mickelson
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  • Fits in a golf bag
  • Popular with coaches
  • Money back guarantee
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top best golf training aids putting tempo alignment improvement 2017 Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Simple concept
  • Popular with PGA pros
  • Instructional DVD included
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  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Entertaining and helpful
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  • Durable
  • Rolls up and out easily
  • Non-skid
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golf training aids for putting Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Popular with PGA pros
  • Workable with any style putter
  • Easy to use
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Genuine EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

    • Designed to help you get proper alignment every time
    • Putter Gate Slots help you get solid contact with the sweet spot
    • Enables you to see your eyes over the ball so you know you are aligned properly
    • It might not be conducive to all putter sizes
    • Some felt it was a great idea, but poorly made
    • Some users preferred it to be wider so they could see their shoulders too

    The Putting Alignment Mirror by Genuine EyeLine Golf is a great way to build confidence on the green. Used by many PGA Tour players, it helps with alignment and is designed to help you get consistent contact.

    It features lines to check your putter alignment and also for your eyes. Use the mirror to make sure your eyes are on or slightly inside the center line. Those will help you get into the ideal pre-putt position. Then the Gate Slots will keep your putt aligned throughout the stroke, enabling you to get solid contact on the sweet spot every time. The Putting Alignment Mirror measures a compact 12 inches long by 6 inches wide and includes a carrying bag.

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  2. 2. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

    • Your good putts get returned to you thanks curved design
    • You'll also get immediate feedback on your perfect putts as they'll be held in the hole
    • Excellent tool for improving your pace
    • Cited by many golf publications as a top training aid in 2018
    • You'll be doing some walking to retrieve your ball if you miss your target
    • Probably isn't suited for putts with breaks; best for straight putts
    • You'll need a flat, smooth surface for it to work properly

    The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is an innovative way to help you perfect your putts. It’s construction is designed to give you an exact simulation of putting on a real green. The concept is simple, an on-target putt will roll up the parabolic curve and be returned back to you the same distance it would have gone past the hole if missed.

    Extremely useful for gauging your putting distances. If the putt is off? Well, you’ll have to retrieve it yourself. Made of durable elastomer and translucent polycarbonate, the Pressure Putt Trainer is collapsible so it can fit in your golf bag. According to Golf Digest, it is one of the best golf training aids for putting in 2018.


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  3. 3. SKLZ Putt Pocket – Putting Accuracy Trainer

    • It forces you to hit the hole's high side, improving your accuracy
    • It's designed to help you visualize the correct line on breaking putts
    • Fits in any regular golf hole and can be used at the course or at home
    • Users feel it works best on an actual golf course hole
    • Probably best suited for more advanced players
    • Some users feel it isn't very realistic because if you miss the putt and the tool the ball just rolls away

    Putt Pocket Putting Accuracy Trainer by SKLZ provides an effective training gadget at a bargain price. It is designed to make players hit the high side of the hole, while helping to see the correct line for breaking putts.

    The pocket features a smaller 2.75-inch opening for a target which will promote accuracy and consistency from extra concentration as the cup size on a regulation golf hole is 4.25 inches. This will fit over regulation golf holes but can also be used at home or in the office as a standalone target.


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  4. 4. Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

    • Helps with green reading, eye position, and getting a square putter face
    • Gives direct feedback -- it you hit the marbles, it's a bad putt; make it through cleanly and it's a good putt
    • This is suitable for golfers of all skills levels
    • Doesn't come with the striped golf ball in the picture
    • Instructions are not included
    • On the pricey side

    The Pelz Golf Putting Tutor is a simple, yet effective, design to help you learn how to read greens better, get your putter face square, and make sure your eyes are in the correct position.

    It has two marbles at the front and those will let you know if you’re putt is on target or not. If the putt knocks out a marble, it means your ball started off-line. Make it through the marble gate by hitting the ball on the guide line, and you’re on your way to a solid putt.

    There are three different marble positions — standard, pro, and super pro. Adjust the aim of the putting tutor higher or lower to learn how much putts break.


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  5. 5. TPM True Pendulum Motion Golf Training Aid

    • It helps keep your shoulders square for more consistent putts
    • Designed to promote a pendulum motion which helps with accuracy
    • You can adjust the length so it's suitable for players of all sizes
    • It is expensive
    • Some might find it to be uncomfortable at first
    • Some users said they had issues with the device staying attached to the putter

    The True Pendulum Motion (TPM) Golf Training Aid has been used by numerous pro golfers to help perfect their putting strokes. Just attach the TPM, which features durable, adjustable height rods, to your putter and your ready to get practicing.

    It is designed to correct your posture and promote a pendulum-like stroke while eliminating involvement of your hands and wrists. Too many moving parts isn’t good when it comes to putting. It helps you focus on other things — ie. reading the green, alignment, distance control, and tempo — rather than the swing itself.

    The TPM also fits right in your bag like a regular club and you can practice with it anywhere and is thought by many publications, coaches and players to be one of the best golf training aids for putting.


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  6. 6. TPK Golf Training Aid Putting Stick

    • It's a patented product designed to improve your overall stroke
    • Helps you get proper eye positioning, backswing length, and improve accuracy
    • Shows accuracy to better than 1 degree of perfect squareness
    • Rather expensive
    • Some users thought it wasn't durably made
    • Some thought the mirror wasn't very effective

    Having trouble with those short putts? The Training Aid Putting Stick by TPK Golf is designed to help you get more consistent with those more-difficult-than-they-look 3- to 5-footers. Popular a number of PGA Tour pros, it will promote proper eye alignment, correct back-swing length, and stroke accuracy.

    The concept is rather simple, try to keep the ball on the putting stick for its entire length. The Putting Stick includes an instructional video.


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  7. 7. VariSpeed Putting System

    • The movable mat allows you change the speed of the surface (4 different speeds)
    • You'll get a visible path of your putt to analyze; use the mat brush to erase the path
    • It includes an adjustable wedge to allow to make your own custom slopes and breaks
    • On the expensive side
    • The mat is on the light side, so it might lift off playing surface a bit
    • Some might find the mat a bit narrow; it's less than 2 feet wide

    The VariSpeed Putting System gives you accurate course-like conditions by offering different putting speeds and breaks similar to what you’d find on a green. Made of 100 percent polyester, the durable mat allows you to see the actual path of your putt thanks to fibers that show the ball’s trace.

    You can also get 4 different speeds and create your own custom breaks. It includes a cup and a booklet with recommended practice exercises. The VariSpeed Putting System folds up simply for easy, compact storage.

  8. 8. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

    • Built-in "sand traps" will catch errant putts
    • There are three different holes to aim at for wider variety of practice
    • Made of PET resin and is designed for durability and functionality
    • There is no automatic golf ball return
    • There is the possibility that the mat eventually becomes "wrinkled" and uneven
    • Some felt the experience didn't really resemble real green conditions

    Practice your putting anywhere you’d like with the Putt-A-Bout Par Three Putting Green. Measuring 9 feet long by 3 feet wide, the mat probably works best on flat, harder surfaces. That should keep the mat flat and help prevent wrinkling.

    The mat, which is made of durable PET resin and has a non-skid bottom, has three separate holes for you to aim at. There are also “sand traps” on the back to catch any errant putts, preventing them from rolling away. 

    There is a slight rise in elevation from the actual putting area to the holes. 

    Check out more Indoor Putting Greens and Mats at Amazon for more options.


  9. 9. Golf Putting Arc MS-3D

    • It will help you get a pure, proper putting stroke for more consistency
    • The sleek, innovative design promotes a proper arc while keeping the putter face square
    • One of the most popular training aids from coaches and pros worldwide
    • Expensive
    • Not available for Amazon Prime
    • For best results, it is recommended to be used every day (5-10 minutes) and some might not have time for that

    The Putting Arc MS-3D helps promote an arc on your putt, rather than a straight plane stroke. Simply place the gadget on the ground and putted along the arc. Both sides have an arc so you can use either the heel or the toe of your putter to practice.

    What it does is help you get a more natural, consistent stroke by letting the putter head follow a three-dimensional line while keeping the heel stay on a square path. Professional golfers who have used it have combined to win over 1,200 tournaments, including majors, making one of the best golf training aids for putters.


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