Draymond Green Suspended Without Pay Will Not Play vs Atlanta Hawks Tonight

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Last night, the Golden State Warriors suffered an embarrassing 121-116 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers after Draymond Green flubbed the final play in fourth-quarter regulation. The missed opportunity led to a heated argument between Green and his teammate Kevin Durant causing the team to lose focus, chemistry, and ultimately the game.

Now, as reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Draymond Green will not be playing in tonight’s Warriors home game against the Atlanta Hawks. Green has officially been suspended without pay and will face a fine of approximately $120,480 according to NBA insider, Bobby Marks, who revealed this information via social media. Check out Marks’ Tweet below.

The Heated Exchange Between Draymond Green & Kevin Durant That Led to a Green-Less Warriors Team

In professional sports, arguments between teammates, coaches, management, and the front office happen occasionally. It’s a normal part of a group of people coming together for a common goal and wanting to be successful in their chosen field.

However, when verbal confrontations happen in the presence of the general public, especially with tens of thousands of fans present, and an arena full of cameras to capture every moment of the conflict, questions arise from both casual fans and analysts alike. This is where both Kevin Durant and Draymond Green made mistakes.

With only five seconds to spare in regulation, as a professional basketball player, you’d assume the best player on the court would have eventually ended up with the basketball in their hands, right? Not according to Draymond Green, who stumbled his way into the frontcourt without getting a decent shot off before the game clock read, 0:00. This angered Durant who confronted Green while the Warriors in the huddle establishing their game plan for the five-minute overtime period.

Apparently, tensions rose even more after Draymond mentioned Kevin Durant’s impending free agency in the upcoming off-season while in the huddle as well. The conflict between the two caused a divide amongst the team and the Clippers were able to escape the game with an overtime win against the number one ranked Golden State Warriors. Somehow, the argument traveled from on-court to the locker room between Green and Durant which conclusively led to Draymond Green’s one-game suspension without pay.

So What Happens To Draymond Green’s Fine Money?

According to ESPN, NBA Insider, Bobby Marks, the Golden State Warriors have the free will to do what they please with the acquired funds as long as it doesn’t land in Draymond Green’s pockets. According to Marks’ Tweet, the fine money could either be donated to a charity of their choice or added to a bonus pool utilized at the end of the season.

At least, it’s good to know that all of this fine money we see acquired from players throughout the NBA season goes to a good cause. But what does this mean for this Warriors team moving forward?

The Golden State Warriors Moving Forward

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Golden State Warriors are on a collision course to make yet another deep playoff run in the hunt for their third consecutive NBA Championship. But, with tensions riding high between the team’s enforcer in Draymond Green and sharp-shooter in Kevin Durant, will the team’s chemistry and morale remain defective in the midst of this conflict or can the Warriors come together for the greater good?

With Draymond Green’s willingness to take a backseat to the Warriors’ star-studded lineup, we have a good feeling that he and Durant will address their issues in a private and professional manner and continue to work well with each other while on the court. Honestly, this spat between these two key pieces could strengthen the bond between KD and Green. Only time will tell but, we do have a good idea of how important and crucial it is to have Draymond out on the court with this Warriors team.

Now, with Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson without both Steph Curry and Draymond Green out on the court with them tonight to face the Atlanta Hawks, Durant will see exactly why this Warriors team needs to work in unison. Don’t miss tonight’s game at 7:30pm PST as the Golden State Warriors take on the Atlanta Hawks at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

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