WATCH: Stephen A. Smith, Will Cain Get Heated on ‘First Take’

Stephen A. Smith

Getty Stephen A. Smith

While it’s never surprising to see things get a bit heated on the ESPN show ‘First Take,’ it went to another level on Tuesday. While analyst Stephen A. Smith, who’s never one to back down from a good argument had it out with Will Cain, the aftermath was a near-shouting match.

Here’s a look at one video of Cain and Smith’s comments as the former was signing off from the show. This came after the original confrontation between the two analysts, which obviously had tensions high.

Even prior to that segment, both analysts (along with Max Kellerman, who chimed in on the topic) had a bit of a brush up during a conversation about the Baker Mayfield-Hue Jackson drama. This all led to Cain telling Smith to “hold on” when he was nearly interrupted while attempting to make his point and then raising his voice at Kellerman after.

The heated debate led to mixed reviews on social media, as some believed Cain actually won the argument (specifically relating to the Mayfield situation) over Smith and Kellerman. On the opposite side, others argued that Cain wasn’t even remotely close to holding his own during the back-and-forth.

There was an apparent lead-up to the “entitlement” and “privilege” comment which Smith referenced in the first video. This played a part in it drawing such a strong reaction on social media, and we’ll have to await the full video of the situation between the two sports analysts.

Regardless, it seems as though there’s certainly no love lost at this point, but the debate between the duo was more than a bit intense, to put it gently. We’ll also monitor to see if either Smith or Cain opt to sound off on the tense situation at any point.

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