Jazz Fans Booed Gordon Hayward so Much People Left Game Early

Gordon Hayward

Getty Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward

Jazz fans showed no mercy to Gordon Hayward when it came to their former star’s first game back in Utah. From the moment the Boston Celtics forward touched the floor, fans booed every time he touched the ball and cheered whenever he missed a shot. There was no love lost from the fanbase, at least on this night.

While this showing from the fans certainly caught quite a few people off guard, it led to mixed reactions. Some absolutely loved the passion from the fans while others picked it apart. In the end, the Jazz wound up getting the best of the Celtics by winning the game, so their crowd was happy with the outcome of this round against Hayward’s new team.

Let’s check out some of the top reactions on Twitter as fans and analysts argued both sides of this unique situation.

This Fan’s Booing Made People Leave

They Boo, but Most Fans Still Love Hayward

No Grace Period for Their Former Star?

This Just Got Real . . . Very Quickly

This One Just Falls Under the ‘Love’ Category

And This Under the ‘Hate’ Category

Here’s a Unique Theory

This Is Fair … Probably More Fair Than How Things Played Out

One Jazz Fan Even Apologized

For what it’s worth, it’s hard to envision Jazz fans doing this more than one time. If they did, then it’d probably be a little concerning. Unfortunately for NBA fans hoping to get the answer to that question, we won’t find out this season as Hayward doesn’t play in Utah again during the 2018-19 season.

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