WATCH: John Wall Calls out Wizards Fans on NSFW Instagram Live

John Wall

Getty Washington Wizards guard John Wall

If you’re one of those fans who believes NBA players and other professional athletes should spend the bulk of their downtime in the gym, you may want to turn away. During a NSFW Instagram Live posted by Washington Wizards guard John Wall, he made sure to call out anyone who has this mentality.

In the process, Wall made sure to pull no punches addressing the nearly 1,800 people who were watching and the massive number of others who have since seen the video.

Per Bleacher Report NBA:

As you can see, Wall also mentions partying which was apparently asked by someone watching the feed. Wall responded by asking: “What? Not supposed to party once in a blue while? What the f***?”

John Wall’s Previous Comments

This isn’t the first we’ve heard from the Wizards star about going out and enjoying his free time. As Troy Haliburton of Sixers Wire revealed, Wall sounded off on the topic back in October.

“You got a 9-5, what you do after your 9-5? You not about to sit in the house all day? I’m a grown man and I can do what I want to.”

Wall continued: “I know what I do and bring to the table, and that’s 110% effort. I know how hard I work on my game and I’m going to enjoy my life, I’m not about to sit at home and be boring”

Wall, who’s 28-year-old currently, isn’t wrong about the fact that he can do what he wants outside of work. And while the Wizards got off to a rough 2-8 start to the 2018-19 NBA season, that can’t be pointed at their All-Star point guard. After all, Wall averaged 21.5 points, 7.6 assists and 3.1 rebounds per game over that stretch while shooting a career-best 46.1 percent from the field.

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