WATCH: Kobe Bryant to Use the Lil Wayne Defense if Forced to Testify Over ‘Black Mamba’ Moniker

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After a 20-season, five-time championship career as a member of the most revered sports franchises in human history, Kobe Bryant has definitely earned the moniker ‘Black Mamba’. Even the most casual basketball fans know ‘Black Mamba’ has become a nickname of Kobe’s in representation of his death-blowing style of play. Unfortunately, for him and his personal brand, a pharmaceutical company by the name of, Hi-Tech, doesn’t know that.

Kobe Bryant vs. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Winner Takes ‘Black Mamba’

According to court documents attained by The Blast, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is currently in a trademark battle with Kobe Bryant over his notorious moniker, ‘Black Mamba’, and have filed for a motion to compel.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is claiming that Kobe Bryant has documents in his possession that could possibly support them in their case. The drug company reached out to Bryant’s legal team stating that they plan to depose Kobe Bryant. However, Bryant’s attorney thoroughly rejected a meeting with the company and their legal advisors and offered hand-written answers to any of the questions they choose to ask the Lakers’ legend.

According to The Blast, Kobe Bean’s lawyer told the Hi-Tech representatives the following

“Deposing Kobe Bryant would be like Lil Wayne’s deposition … it would be just like that – he’d just be saying ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.'”

Kobe’s ballsy attorney also added,

“You can try, but it’s never going to happen. This is Kobe Bryant we are talking about – not some ‘Mom and Pop’ shop.”

For those of you unaware of the classic Lil Wayne deposition video Kobe Bryant’s lawyer was referring to, look no further. Check out the full-clip provided by TMZ below.

Lil Wayne’s Classic Deposition Video

Lil Wayne Deposition Video (Full Version TMZ)2012-11-12T16:45:30.000Z

This leaked footage of Lil Wayne delivering his classic testimony back in June 2012, has become of the most notorious court documents of a celebrity made public in recent years.

In the clip, Tunechi can be seen giving prosecutors lackadaisical and nonchalant answers to their questions. He cleaned his nails, pretended not to know who Willie Nelson is, he even told the prosecutor present that ‘the judge can’t save him in the real world’ to which the prosecution appropriately took as a threat.

Lil Wayne is known as a New Orleans-bred blood gang representative while Kobe Bryant is known for collecting rings and getting buckets. Wayne’s deposition is expected with said lifestyle, so, with Kobe’s attorney claiming he would channel his best Lil Wayne impression if forced to testify, it would make for quality court entertainment.

We have a feeling Kobe has it in him to be as dick-ish as Lil Wayne in a court of law.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Gets to Black Mamba First?

Back in 2015, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals filed to trademark the name ‘Black Mamba HYPERRUSH’ for a special brand of ephedra-based diet pills. Kobe Bryant followed up on his ‘Black Mamba’ trademark license the next year in 2016.

Since then, Bryant’s legal team and Hi-Tech have been battling each other for the trademark rights of the now-notorious moniker. Bryant urged the courts to reject their licensing in fear it could confuse consumers and harm his personal brand. The 15x All-NBA Team member also eluded to the fact that Nike occasionally utilizes the term ‘Hyper’ in conjunction with his ‘Black Mamba’ athletic apparel/sneakers and doesn’t want to mislead consumers with his product and Hi-Tech’s diet pill.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is claiming that Kobe Bryant and his legal advisors are attempting to bully their organization and accusing the basketball legend of maliciously attempting to block their registration. As of right now, there’s word on whether or not a Kobe Bryant deposition will come to fruition in the near future. Stick with Heavy. as details unfold.

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