LeBron James: ‘Baker Mayfield Should Always Be the Face of the City’

Getty Images Baker Mayfield running with the ball

The city of Cleveland may not win championships very often, but they could be on their way sometime in the near future. A couple of years ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers brought the NBA Finals trophy back to the city, thanks to their King, LeBron James. Although James is out of the picture now, LeBron has decided to pass to torch to somebody that he believes should always be the face of the city. That’s Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback, Baker Mayfield, who has had a tremendous impact already during his first season in the city.

Browns’ fans have been dying for a franchise quarterback. Each and every year they have drafted somebody new with high hopes of becoming the present and the future face of the team. Unfortunately, it has failed for over a decade. Finally, the Browns have somebody they can rely on. When they drafted Baker Mayfield with the first-overall pick, nobody knew exactly what to expect. But after seeing him play for about a half of a season, Browns fans quickly found out that Mayfield just might be the real deal.

Through nine games, Mayfield has completed 195 passes for 2,242 yards and 17 touchdowns. For a rookie, Mayfield’s numbers look great. Although the Browns aren’t viewed as playoff contenders just yet, they are definitely trending up. And they can thank Mayfield for that since he has quickly become the face of the team and a young leader on the offense. It’s only been one season so far, but the former king of Cleveland believes that Mayfield is, and should always be the face of the city when it comes to sports.

LeBron Sends His Heavy Praise

“I think the quarterback of the Browns should always be the face of the city. The quarterback position is the most prestigious position in sports, period. … They look like a different franchise when he’s at quarterback.”

According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, LeBron sees Mayfield’s potential at not only taking over the city of Cleveland but taking over the NFL. For years, the Browns haven’t had a quarterback that has established dominance in Cleveland. But with Mayfield’s tough competitiveness and an outspoken demeanor, he fits the mold of a true Cleveland native.

LeBron may no longer be liked by the City of Cleveland at the moment for obvious reasons, but I’m sure they will respect what the Akron native has to say regarding the sports town. After all, Cleveland was LeBron’s city when he was a part of the Cavs.

Now, LeBron is passing the torch to the rookie quarterback, and Mayfield is running with the crown. Hopefully, Mayfield really is the answer for the sake of Cleveland and the Browns. They have been patient, and they definitely deserve a guy like Mayfield to be the face of the city.

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