WATCH: Redskins Fan Harasses Autistic Falcons Fan, Ex-Falcons Players Ditch Their Suite to Hang Out With Him

Sporting events are supposed to be strictly for entertainment purposes only. People from all different walks of life, gather in one location for the love of whichever competition they choose, and to cheer their favorite athletes on. Unfortunately, sports can bring out the worst in some of us. Especially, when you stuff tens of thousands of people into a cramped, overheated stadium, allow them to funnel alcohol into their mouths, only to watch them become emboldened by the thunderous blows being performed right before their eyes.

For example, this autistic, teenage Atlanta Falcons fan, wanted to enjoy the game with a couple of guardians of his but was forced to be continuously harassed by a hostile Washington Redskins fan that was sitting in their vicinity at FedEx Field in Washington DC. With the rude fan getting the attention of not only the teenager but those around him. A woman who overheard the slander took action and pulled off one of the best moments in football this week.

Ex-Falcons Players Come To The Rescue of Autistic Teenage Fan

The woman by the name of Kacie Hudson, in the suite above the disappointed teenage fan, asked former Atlanta Falcons members Dunta Robinson, Alge Crumpler, and Rod Coleman if they could go surprise the man. The ex-NFL players took action swiftly, meeting with the young man to take pictures and exchange greetings.

This exchange was met with cheers and applause and resulted in a moment of extreme joy for the teenage Atlanta Falcons fan.

As for the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Falcons, & the Angry Overcompensating Fan

Clearly, a man lacking couth would only think it was ok to harass an autistic fan of an opposing team. Somehow, the hostile fan has yet to be identified but some fans are calling for the man to face some sort of repercussions for his actions. While some fans of the Redskins have chosen to apologize on behalf of the ignorant fan all the speaking about their experience with autism in their own families. Despite the ugly turn of events, the incident ended in a positive moment that brought everyone together.

Unfortunately for the Washington Redskins, they got dominated by the Atlanta Falcons losing 38-14 dropping their record to 5-3. The Skins have a shot at the playoffs but with the dismal performance like that, they won’t be making a deep playoff run. This loss most likely sparked this unknown man’s tirade against the unequipped teen but, still is no excuse. As previously stated, a nasty moment was purified with the help of some ex-Falcons talent and it is truly appreciated. Much respect to Dunta Robinson, Alge Crumpler, and Rod Coleman for providing that kid with a moment of pure bliss.

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