WATCH: Did Tiger Woods Get Woman’s Phone Number During The Match?

Tiger Woods

Getty Tiger Woods ahead of 'The Match'

While golf fans enjoyed watching Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson square off during ‘The Match’ in Las Vegas, the real fun apparently began after. With Mickelson winning the event and the $9 million prize on hole No. 22, a video from after the action is taking the internet by storm. It seems Woods may have picked up a phone number during the action, or at least that’s what the swirling rumor is.

In a video revealed by Golf Viral, it seems as though Woods shakes a woman’s hand and takes something from her in the process that looks like a slip of paper.

It’s tough to tell, but when you pause just at the right moment, you can see this in the hands of Tiger after his handshake.

There’s no question Woods will be asked about this the next time a reporter catches up with him, but he’ll likely play it coy and not offer up much of an answer. While it’s impossible to know, kudos to Golf Viral for getting this video because it certainly seems like something was exchanged there.

‘The Match’ Results

The battle between Woods and Mickelson went until the sun had gone down in Las Vegas before Mickelson was able to walk away with the victory. It came when Tiger missed a putt on the final hole, and then Mickelson proceeded to make one of roughly four feet.

Courtesy of Bleacher Report Live:

As revealed after the event, Mickelson had high praise for Woods but was glad to have bragging rights over him about this moving forward.

“He’s the greatest of all-time,” Mickelson said about Tiger after the win. “But to have a little bit of smack talk for the coming years means a lot to me, because I really don’t have much on him.”

It was certainly exciting, and golf fans are hoping to get to see the two square off again in the future.

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