DraftKings NFL Picks & Optimal Lineups: Redskins vs. Eagles Showdown

To wrap up Week 13 of the NFL season, fans are treated to a Monday Night Football NFC East matchup which could wind up having major playoff implications. The Washington Redskins (6-5) are on the road against the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles (5-6), as both teams look to stay in the push for the NFC East crown. This is the first meeting between the two teams this season, and they'll play again in Week 17.

The Redskins and Eagles are looking to right the ship with a victory on Monday, as each has struggled as of late. For Washington, the loss of quarterback Alex Smith to a gruesome leg injury leaves them in a tough spot, and they've currently lost three of the last four. Prior to that, they had reeled off three-straight wins, including defeating the Cowboys.

It's been no better for Philadelphia, who's lost two of three and three of five dating back to before their Week 9 bye. With only five games left on the schedule and the Eagles facing three divisional games, a matchup with the Los Angeles Rams and also one with the Houston Texans, they need this win.

With an intriguing game on tap for Monday Night Football, it means the fantasy football showdown games feature a plethora of good options. I'll be focusing on the DraftKings single-game options and breaking down my favorite picks, top captain choices and multiple lineups. First, I'll break down the general rules of this type of game, for those who haven't played before. Showdowns are a fair amount different than regular daily fantasy games, but it's easy to pick up.

After looking at the top choices for the captain spot, which is one player who costs 1.5-times his normal salary and provides a 1.5x bonus on their scoring, I'll dive into the lineups. There will be three different and unique lineups which are created for the style of game that you're playing.

The first of these will be the optimal lineup, which is created with the thought process of building a fairly balanced lineup which also has a bit of risk mixed in for upside. From there, I'll explain an option for 150-max games, which has more risk and high upside. Last but not least is the single entry/cash lineup with less risk and a very balanced approach.

If you've never played a showdown before, here's a quick rundown on the general rules of how they work.

– Six total players (one captain, five flex players)
– Captain selection costs 1.5 times standard salary but scores 1.5 times the standard points
– Can choose from any position (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DST)
– $50,000 salary cap
– You can use more than one quarterback

The captain choices are first up for the Redskins vs. Eagles matchup, and I'll lay out my favorite options as well as a few inexpensive choices.

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