Jim Harbaugh Could End up Coaching the Packers, Says Cris Carter

Getty Images Could Jim Harbaugh return to the NFL?

What is the next step for the Green Bay Packers? Who are they going to bring in to become their next head coach for years to come? You have to assume they have a few plans ready to go. After all, nobody was surprised to see their head coach, Mike McCarthy get canned. It was only a matter of time before it all went down, and now that it did, who could the Packers be considering to step in and take over in 2019?

The natural assumption is that the Packers are going to go for the New England Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels. As McDaniels was a favorite on the coaching carousel last season, he almost ended up taking the job with the Indianapolis Colts. Fortunately for New England, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick had a last minute meeting with the coordinator, which convinced McDaniels to back out of a job with the Colts.

So, we can’t really assume that McDaniels is the favorite here. If he stayed with the Patriots all while having a head coaching job all locked up, we have to consider that McDaniels was made some sort of promise in New England. Perhaps, McDaniels becomes the head coach of the Patriots whenever the Tom Brady and Belichick era comes to an end.

Where does that leave the Packers then? There’s going to be plenty of options for Green Bay, but rumor has it that their next potential candidate may not be in the NFL right now. Apparently, the Packers could have their eyes set on Michigan Wolverines head coach, Jim Harbaugh.

Cris Carter Throws out a Scenario

FS1’s Cris Carter spilled some information on Wednesday morning that is undoubtedly going to have Michigan fans scratching their heads. According to the former player-turned-analyst, his sources behind-the-scenes are telling him that Harbaugh could be trying to claw his way out of Michigan in hopes for a potential return to the NFL.

Harbaugh hasn’t done a bad job in the NCAA, as he churned out a 38-13 record in four seasons. But being in the Big Ten, he hasn’t really had any significant success outside of having a few decent records. While Harbaugh hasn’t precisely failed Michigan, he hasn’t been all that great either. Maybe it’s time for the former San Francisco 49ers head coach to make his return to the big leagues. After all, what offensive minded coach wouldn’t want to join Aaron Rodgers and the Packers?

Also, Carter suggests that Harbaugh could be a potential fit for the Cleveland Browns as well, all thanks to the Baker Mayfield effect. But assuming that the Packers are more fit to make a run in the NFC based off of the fact that they have Aaron Rodgers on board, Harbaugh wouldn’t be a bad fit for the Packers at all. We’ll see if Green Bay actually makes a run for the Michigan head coach over the offseason.

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