Jimmy Butler Created a YouTube Account for VLog’s

Getty Images Jimmy Butler playing against the Jazz

There’s never a dull moment off the court for select NBA superstars. Some guys just have the type of personality that makes everybody interested in what they do off the court. This past summer, a ton of buzz surrounded former Minnesota Timberwolves, and now Sixers star, Jimmy Butler. It might not have been the most positive press he was receiving during his holdout time from the Wolves, but everybody was intrigued with him regardless.

It all started with Butler’s infamous practice. He showed up to the Timberwolves facility and decided to call each and every one of his teammates out that he had a problem with. He declared a pickup game, where he would go against the starters with backups. As we all know, Butler dominated and stuck it to everybody in Minnesota’s facility. Telling the T’Wolves coaching staff that they needed him, even though Butler didn’t want them.

Shortly after his controversial practice, Butler got in front of the cameras for ESPN to talk about the entire situation. At that point, he might’ve realized that having his life on camera may be entertaining to not only himself but to his fans as well. So recently, Jimmy Butler decided to start posting Video Blogs (VLog’s for short) to YouTube for his fans to watch. It’s almost like his own personal reality show, except without the scripted junk.

Butler Fires up His YouTube

Youtube I'm here.Welcome to my youtube channel. I want you to get to know the real me, both on and off the court. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/ab17aV ► WATCH MORE Most Recent Videos: youtu.be/ltLGRcYUDjo ► FOLLOW JIMMY Instagram: instagram.com/jimmybutler Facebook: goo.gl/GhSdUv Editors: Darryl Omar, Dom2018-12-12T20:02:11.000Z

It’s been less than 24 hours since Butler started up his account, and he’s already received closed to 10,000 subscribers and is verified on YouTube. We’re not sure exactly when the idea of starting his own account came up, but it’s pretty clear that Butler took up on the hobby right around when he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Aside from the YouTube trailer above, Butler’s first video is an 11 minute recap of his first time coming to Philadelphia and debuting for the Sixers in front of the home crowd. The video features a look at where Butler goes, how he talks to others, and how he feels about being in Philly. The videos are well-edited and feature a documentary style filming.

It’s Not All Reality Stuff Though

The trip to Philly, his new home for the rest of the season was a bit of a feel-good video. But Jimmy Butler sure seems like he wants to keep things light on his account with some funny content. So his third and final video, for now, was a recap of Butler’s trip to Rome, where he was learning to be a gladiator. Butler wasn’t bad, but we truly mean this when we say he should stick to basketball.

Jimmy tries ep 1: How to become a GladiatorOn our visit to Rome, my long time friend and I thought we were going to see the colosseum. We ended up at Gladiator training. Here is how to become a Gladiator with Jimmy Butler. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/ab17aV ► WATCH MORE Most Recent Videos: youtu.be/ltLGRcYUDjo ► FOLLOW JIMMY Instagram: instagram.com/jimmybutler Facebook: goo.gl/GhSdUv Executive Producers: Jimmy…2018-12-12T20:02:20.000Z

That’s all from Butler’s account for now, and we’re sure that he’s going to end up coming back with more. Butler didn’t say much about what his plans with YouTube are since he just tweeted the link of his channel without saying anything, but it’s become quite clear that he just has a hobby for making videos.

According to his ‘About Me’ bio on the account, he will be posting on a weekly basis. Except, don’t expect three videos each time. It looks like that was just to get the account going. Butler plans to post one video every week. And by the looks of it, the content can be pretty much anything random about what he did that week.

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