Chiefs Expect Kareem Hunt Video to Result in Six-Game Suspension?

Kareem Hunt

Getty Former Kansas City Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt

There has been no official word from the NFL on the situation involving former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt to this point. Following the release of a video which showed the 23-year-old both punch and kick a woman in a hotel lobby, he was almost immediately released by the team. The talk of a potential suspension and discipline has loomed, but nothing specific has been revealed.

But it seems that may happen sometime in the semi-near future, potentially in the 2019 offseason. How long Hunt will be suspended for is a bit of a guess at this point, but in a recent story from The Athletic’s Nate Taylor, the Chiefs apparently have an expectation on the length.

According to Taylor, the team believes Hunt’s discipline from the NFL will come in the form of a six-game suspension.

“The Chiefs expect Hunt to be suspended six games for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy once the league ends its investigation, which is expected to happen this offseason.”

The future remains unknown at this point, and even when the final decision on a potential suspension for Hunt comes to light, he’ll still be tasked with finding a new home. As far as which teams will have interest, that’s a big question which we likely won’t have an answer to immediately.

What’s Next for Kareem Hunt?

As far as Hunt’s career goes, waivers will process on Monday at 5 p.m. EST, so any team who does want to put in a claim for the former Chiefs running back has until that point. It’s unknown what his market will look like, but Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio cited the Philadelphia Eagles as a team who may have interest.

This isn’t an over-the-hill Ray Rice, whose best football days were behind him. This is a guy who led the league in rushing as a rookie. He’ll get his second chance somewhere, just not in Kansas City.

Potential candidates include, as mentioned last night, the Eagles. Also, the Browns currently are run by the guy who drafted Hunt in Kansas City. And what if Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy ends up coaching his own team (which could be Cleveland)?

He also goes on to state that the Washington Redskins “can never be ruled out” as a potential destination. At this point, it’s purely speculation and Hunt’s name has not been linked to any specific team thus far. That may very well change quickly, but with the topic at the forefront of conversation around the NFL, it could take time for that to happen.

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