New York Knicks: LeBron James Explains “The Garden” Comments

Getty Images LeBron James warming up.

Monday night was a big one for the NBA world. For the final time in his career, Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers. While it’s a big deal to Wade to play the Lakers for a final time because, well, they are the Lakers after all. The game was even more critical because he was going against his former teammate, and even enemy sometimes, LeBron James.

The game came and went and ended in a close battle with a final score of 108-105, with the Lakers coming out on top. As expected Wade and James embraced each other after the game and decided to do the entire jersey swap for the final time. Being that Wade is on his “Last Dance” around the NBA, it was definitely an important time for basketball as we are nearing an end of another era.

While LeBron and Wade’s entire postgame ordeal was buzzing around the internet, a lot of fans were surprised, yet confused, to find out why LeBron James and the words ‘The Garden’ were trending. Well, apparently after the game, LeBron was caught saying these words to Wade: “It was either here or The Garden.” Yes, ‘The Garden’ as in, Madison Square Garden – home of the New York Knicks. Naturally, the internet went down in flames as speculation surrounded LeBron James and his second free agency option being the New York Knicks.

“It Was Either Here, or The Garden”

We all know how much of a big deal LeBron James’ free agency summers are. There’s been three, and each and every time the suspense is intense. Mostly every team in the NBA who could afford him would die to have him. And The King of the NBA doesn’t make it any easier for fans who expect him to join their favorite teams.

This past summer, James apparently had the intention of moving on from the Cleveland Cavaliers, although they were technically still considered a landing spot for him during the free agency period. The rumored destinations were down to three teams, other than Cleveland. One being his current team, the Los Angeles Lakers. The other two being the Philadelphia 76ers, and the New York Knicks.

So, does LeBron’s recent comment mean that he admitted to Wade that the Sixers technically never had a chance? It was the Lakers and the Knicks in the end? Or was he just merely talking about something completely different? It’s hard to tell with this entire situation since the LeBron James free agency saga has been a confusing subject already. However, LeBron did address the post-game comments later on, and apparently, it’s not what we are thinking.

LeBron James Meant Nothing by His Comments?

According to Lakers reporter Michael Duarte, LeBron James’ comments did not mean he was anticipating playing for the Lakers or the Knicks. He merely said that a Wade versus James final duel could only be battled out at The Staples Center, or at Madison Square Garden. While Madison Square Garden does happen to be the home of the Knicks, it also happens to be the go-to venue for most of the biggest boxing matches.

“The Garden” is recognized as one of the most popular arenas in sports. Basically, major events get held at Madison Square Garden. So, as we all assume that LeBron meant “It was either I play for the Lakers or the Knicks,” he just simply meant that their famous last matchup was worthy of being played on a bigger stage. However, the Staples Center’s name is just as prominent right now. Especially since LeBron’s on the team.

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