WATCH: Seth Rollins Says Monday Night RAW ‘Has Sucked’

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins dropped a bombshell during the opening segment of Monday Night RAW. The WWE Superstar took his time on the microphone to say that RAW “has sucked” for a while now, and lay the blame at the feet of general manager Baron Corbin.

“Every single decision you’ve made has been to mask your insecurities, Corbin,” he said. Rollins went on to criticize the lack of an active Universal Champion, stating that current Champion Brock Lesnar is never on the show, and that’s why the TV ratings are slipping to an “all-time low.”

Rollins Claims that GM Baron Corbin Is Responsible for the Show’s Decreased Ratings

Corbin attempted to argue Rollins’ claims, saying that he didn’t “give a damn,” and that he doesn’t care what Rollins or the rest of the WWE Universe thinks. “I’m going to be in charge for a very long time,” Corbin added. “And if you think it’s bad now, it’s only going to get worse for a guy like you.”

Rollins questions whether Corbin’s statement is a threat, and the latter goes on to explain that if Dean Ambrose beats him, than Corbin is going to beat Braun Strowman by forfeit at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view. Rollins tells him they don’t need to wait and he’ll start tonight with a match against Corbin. The acting general manager refuses to take the bait and Rollins says he’s right.

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Rollins Also Criticized Corbin for Allowing Brock Lesnar to Be an Inactive Champion

After Monday Night RAW cuts to commercial break, the episode joins Rollins backstage for an interview. He admits that calling out Corbin may not have been the smartest move in terms of advancing his career, but that he’s tired of the way that Corbin has been handling things and he can’t let him get away with it anymore. Rollins adds that if he considers himself a real champion, he’s going to have to put his rivalry with Dean Ambrose aside and take a stand for the good of the company and the show.

Twitter had plenty to say about Rollins’ outburst, with many feeling that he made some excellent points. Some were encouraged by the Superstar’s words, while others felt it pointed to a greater issue within the WWE itself. “Absolutely love Seth Rollins calling out Vince McMahon through Baron Corbin calling out all of the bullsh*t and all of the failures of this show absolutely awesome segment,” wrote one excited user. Check out additional Twitter reactions below.

Several Twitter Users Were In Support of Rollins’ Comments

Others were less pleased with Rollins’ remarks. “What’s sad is that #WWE is having Seth Rollins act as the voice of the fans and go off on how bad #Raw has been lately, meaning they are fully aware of how abysmal the show it is and YET THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE IT,” wrote one disappointed fan.

Another joked that Rollins and WWE simply used many of the complaints that have been lobbied at the show by fans online. “Did somebody write this Seth Rollins promo or did they just copy and paste complaints from Twitter?”, they wrote.