Alvin Kamara Girlfriend: Is the Saints Running Back Dating Anyone?

Alvin Kamara girlfriend


Alvin Kamara and the New Orleans Saints are facing the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship game this afternoon. As Kamara looks to help his team secure a spot in Super Bowl LIII, some fans might find themselves wondering if Kamara has a girlfriend or if he’s dating anyone. The short answer to that question is “no.”

Kamara doesn’t appear to have a serious girlfriend at this time — at least not one that he’s gone public with. His Instagram account is free of any and all photos of a potential romantic partner. But that doesn’t mean that Kamara isn’t looking.

Here’s what you need to know:

He Has Tweeted About Finding a Girlfriend

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Last month, Kamara made headlines after tweeting that he wanted to “hire” a girlfriend.

“I’m finna hire a girlfriend. It’s too cold outside,” he joked on Twitter. It didn’t take long for several women to slide into his DMs. The tweet was liked more than 24,000 times and received more than 600 public comments. Of course, there were plenty of memes and jokes that ensued.

“You might as well pay me. You won’t be disappointed,” one Twitter user commented.

I’ll be your girlfriend for free,” wrote another.

A few weeks later, Kamara tweeted about wanting a girlfriend again, this time on New Year’s Eve. Although this tweet wasn’t as popular, several people still responded.

“I’m trynna start 2019 with you,” wrote one Twitter user.

“My moms single! #whodat,” wrote another.

He Was Apparently Dating Someone Back in 2017

Kamara has been single for quite some time but he apparently did have a girlfriend back in 2017. According to Knox News, Kamara was visiting his girlfriend at the University of Tennessee in April of that year. She was not named, however, and little is known about who she is or how long the two dated.

“Jataun is really good friends with his girlfriend, who goes to UT, and he was in town to see her,” Daryl Johnson told the outlet at the time.

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