Carson Wentz’s Injury: When Will Eagles QB Return to Play?

carson wentz injury

Getty Carson Wentz is unlikely to play in the postseason.

The Eagles are not ruling out Carson Wentz for the playoffs as they continue to evaluate his injury status each week. While Wentz has not been officially ruled out, it is unlikely that he will see the field again this season. Part of this has to do with Wentz’s back injury, but the play of Nick Foles seems to be factoring into the decision as well.

Doug Pederson answered questions about Wentz’s status but did not provide a lot of details on his future. Here’s an excerpt from Pederson addressing the media on Wentz’s injury per 247 Sports.

Q: QB Carson Wentz will be out for Sunday? Have you decided that yet?
DOUG PEDERSON: I haven’t decided that yet.

Q: What would be the reasoning then for not having him as a backup if he was okay to go?
DOUG PEDERSON: Well, that would be a decision I would make later in the week. But I’m not ready to make that decision yet.

Q. There would be conceivably a reason for having him as the backup over QB Nate Sudfeld if he was healthy?
DOUG PEDERSON: If there was that scenario, if that possibility — we’re talking about what if’s again, but I would agree with you, yes, if that came up.

Q. So it’s QB Nick Foles the rest of the way?
DOUG PEDERSON: This week. This week. It’s a one-and-done season right now.

Since then, Wentz has been ruled out but just for the Divisional Round matchup against the Saints. The Eagles continue to insist they plan on evaluating Wentz on a week-to-week basis.

Wentz Reportedly Wants to Play Through Back Injury But Eagles Continue to Sit QB

NBC Sports’ John Clark reported on December 21st that Wentz wants to play through the injury, but the Eagles medical staff believes he needs more rest.

“Source tells me Carson Wentz really wants to play thru stress fracture and got another opinion on his back with specialist while Eagles were in LA, but that doctor agreed with Eagles that rest is best right now. Doug Pederson: ‘We’re going to trust the medical staff,'” Clark tweeted.

The Eagles Are Hesitant to Put Wentz on IR in Case Another Quarterback Sustains an Injury

If Wentz does not appear ready to play, why do the Eagles refuse to rule out the quarterback for the remainder of the playoffs? It sounds like Philadelphia wants to keep their options open if another quarterback was to go down with an injury.

We saw Nick Foles leave their Week 17 matchup but was able to come back the following week for the postseason. Pederson discussed Wentz’s mindset through the difficult situation per 247 Sports.

I think, one, Carson, he definitely wants to be out there, and he wants to be with his teammates. I just think that he — right now, he’s a great support for Nick. And that’s huge because Nick has been that way for him, and that’s a big thing from going — and going from starter to backup, that’s hard, but then now you’re in this position to really help the starter become successful. I just think that he sees how everything’s kind of coming together and whether it be the run game or the offensive line is playing well, or even your skill position guys are making plays, I think that’s all things that he’s processing and learning from, and will be better when he gets back out there.

ESPN Reported Wentz’s Back Injury Could Require 3 Months of Rest to Recover

ESPN’s Tim McManus reported on December 14th that Wentz’s back injury could require three months of rest.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has a stress fracture in his back, coach Doug Pederson said Friday, an injury that could take about three months to heal.

Pederson, during a tense back-and-forth with the media, said that it’s an injury that has “evolved over time” and will not require surgery.

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