Is Cowboys Legend Troy Aikman the Best QB in Franchise History? (VOTE)

Troy Aikman

Getty Former Dallas Cowboys QB Troy Aikman

The Dallas Cowboys have been fortunate enough to have some impressive quarterbacks over the years. But there may be no single player who had a better career leading the team than iconic signal-caller Troy Aikman. The current broadcaster was selected by the Cowboys with the No. 1 pick in the 1989 NFL Draft and had a stellar career.

Over the span of his 12 NFL seasons, all with the Cowboys, Aikman completed 61.5 percent of his passes for 32,942 yards and 165 touchdowns. But the legendary quarterback’s impact on the organization went far beyond just his own personal statistics. Aikman went down as the winningest starting quarterback of any decade in NFL history at the time he retired from the league, totaling 90 wins during the 1990s.

Over his 12 seasons, the Cowboys won three Super Bowls, with each of them coming over a four-year span from 1993-96. It’s hard to argue that there’s a better current Cowboys quarterback in history than Aikman, but let’s see if there’s a case to be made and hear your opinion.

Troy Aikman’s Competition as Best Cowboys Quarterback

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a former Cowboys quarterback who can showcase a resume more impressive than Aikman. The iconic quarterback is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

One name who had an impressive career in his own right is Roger Staubach, who led the team from 169 to 1979 after being selected in the 1964 NFL Draft. He was a two-time Super Bowl winner who also made six Pro Bowls and joins Aikman in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor. Staubach is behind Aikman on the Cowboys career passing list, with 22,700 yards compared to his counterpart’s 32,942 yards.

Speaking of that list, the current leader is actually not Aikman or Staubach, but is the quarterback who led the way just prior to Dak Prescott in Tony Romo. The man who went from undrafted free agent to Pro Bowl quarterback and had a very impressive NFL tenure finished his career with 34,183 passing yards. Some argue that Romo was indeed the best all-around quarterback, but the argument against him is the lack of playoff wins and no Super Bowl victories.

Who’s the Best Cowboys Quarterback?

Romo has thrown for the most touchdowns by a long shot over the span of his career with the team from 2004-16. He wrapped up his playing days with 248 touchdown passes, ahead of Aikman (165) and Staubach (153). Unfortunately, there’s much more to it than just the personal numbers and statistics, which many fans likely agree with.

The big issue with comparing players from different eras is that the style of football played has changed so much over time. From Staubach, to Aikman and then Romo, it makes players very difficult to compare, especially when each member has had so much success. While Romo has thrown for the most yards and also touchdowns, he played at a time where there was far more passing than the other two players.

So, the big question becomes, is Aikman the greatest Cowboys signal-caller ever?

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