Charlotte Bouchard, Eugenie’s Sister: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Instagram/Charlotte Bouchard Charlotte Bouchard pictured on her Instagram page.

Charlotte Bouchard, Eugenie Bouchard’s youngest sister, is facing off against her stalker in court on January 9.

Charlotte, 23, like her siblings, is named for members of royal families. Eugenie, and her twin, Beatrice, are named for the British princesses, while their youngest brother, William, is named after Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. While Charlotte is named after Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Monegasque Princess Caroline and Stefano Casiraghi. The regal naming of the Bouchard family was covered comprehensively in a 2014 Sydney Morning Herald feature ahead of that year’s Australian Open.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Charlotte’s Alleged Stalker Wroter to Her 30 Times a Day

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La Presse reports that police in Montreal are saying that Charlotte has been bombarded with Instagram messages from a man named Danny Arsenault for three years. The report says that Charlotte received as many 30 messages a day. Some of the messages were vulgar in nature while others saw her stalker say that the pair would “settle down together.”

Charlotte Bouchard STALKER

Instagram/Charlotte Bouchard

Charlotte told La Presse, “I felt vulnerable because I did not know what he looked like, I could not recognize him if I met him in the street, or if he came to try clothes at the shop where I worked. As soon as someone looked at me a little too long, I thought it might be him.” Charlotte says that she first went to police in September 2017. Arsenault was arrested in February 2018. Charlotte added that she was used to receiving random messages but her stalker “never gave up, he wrote me every day, without any break!” Charlotte stated her belief that Arsenault thinks the pair are in a relationship together. The La Presse article says that Charlotte has been charged twice in the past two years with criminal harassment.

2. Charlotte Is Now Based in London & Helped the Victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire

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Instagram/Charlotte Bouchard

Since October 2018, Charlotte has been based in London as the project and media manager for Holli Rubin Psychotherapy, according to her LinkedIn page. Charlotte says she also worked in the English capital between 2016 and 2017 while on a student exchange program with Concordia College in Montreal. While living in London initially, Charlotte says she worked in distributing donations for the victims of the horrific Grenfell Tower Fire that killed 72 people during the summer of 2017.

Charlotte graduated from the school in 2018 with a degree in Political Science. She has also studied at Kingston University and Marianopolis College. During her time in college, Charlotte followed in her sister’s footsteps by being on her school’s tennis teams. In 2012, Charlotte was her team’s MVP. Charlotte has also volunteered for the World Wildlife Fund and the Cancer Research Society in Montreal.

3. In 2013, Charlotte Organized a Cancer Charity Even That Featured Her Sister Playing Tennis

In 2013, Charlotte organized a charity tennis event that gave winners of a silent auction the opportunity to play against her sister, as well as other Canadian tennis legends. Charlotte came up with the idea for the event and planned it with the Brouchard patriarch, Mike. He told WTA Tennis’ website, “This project came to life thanks to Charlotte, who came up with the idea while at school. I’m so happy to see that her idea became a reality today. A big thank you to all those who believed in it.” In total, over $14,000 was raised for the Cancer Research Society.

4. Eugenie was Referred to as ‘The Chosen One’ by Her Sisters

Charlotte Brouchard Beatrice

Instagram/Charlotte BrouchardCharlotte pictured with Eugenie’s twin sister, Beatrice.

Charlotte, along with Eugenie’s twin, Beatrice, and, brother, William, used to refer to Eugenie as “The Chosen One,” in their youth, according to the New York Times Magazine. The article discussed how the Bouchard family moved to Florida when Eugenie was 12 so that she could further her tennis career. The same piece mentions that Eugenie has little in common with her twin sister.

A 2014 Globe and Mail feature says that all of the Bouchard siblings “dabbled” in tennis in their youths.

5. The Bouchard Siblings Grew Up in an English Speaking Neighborhood in Montreal

Genie Bouchard's "Royal" FamilyMove over William and Kate, there is another royal family in town! Every little girl dreams about becoming a princess, but did you know Canadian Eugenie Bouchard and her siblings were all named after royalty? The Bouchard children were destined for greatness right from the start. We played Sister Sister with Genie and asked her to name which sister is the tallest, most organized, biggest risk taker and even the biggest princess! Watch more exclusive tennis videos, tennis interviews, music videos and tennis comedy shows at SUBSCRIBE NOW New videos every #TennisTuesday! Connect with us… Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Copyright © 2016 VF Media, LLC2016-08-02T11:52:07.000Z

A 2014 New York Times feature on Eugenie, detailed that all of the Bouchard siblings were raised in an English-speaking neighborhood of Montreal. They grew up on the same street as former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney. When asked about the children’s regal names, their mother, Julie, said that she is a “closet royalist.” In a separate interview, Eugenie described her mother as a “royal fanatic.” A 2016 Journal de Montreal feature criticized the Bouchard family for the children’s names as well as their love of Florida. The piece read, via CTV, “The day when all Quebecers will culturally look like the great Genie and will, like her, switch from French to English, Quebec will simply not exist anymore. It will be a North American region amongst others.”

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