Sony Michel Girlfriend: Is the Running Back Dating Anyone?

Sony Michel girlfriend


Sony Michel does not appear to have a girlfriend or to be in a public romantic relationship, as of January 2019.
Michel, who was drafted by the Patriots as the 31st overall pick and the third running back pick in the 2018 NFL draft, has been living up to the hype in his first professional season, racking up more playoff rushing touchdowns than Walter Payton, per Pro Football Reference.

When asked how his young teammate was contributing to the Patriots season, Julian Edelman laughed and said, “The Blazin’ Haitian. He’s a beast.”

Here’s what you need to know about Michel’s dating history and family:

Michel Was Reported to Have Had a Girlfriend in 2016, But Her Name Was Never Released

In 2016, an article by The Atlanta Journal Constitution referenced Michel’s girlfriend in a story about the injuries he incurred during an ATV accident. According to the publication, Michel’s brother, Allen Pinder, confirmed that Michel had been driven to the hospital by his girlfriend after the accident happened:

“Pinder didn’t have a lot information about the when and where of the mishap. He said it happened ‘in a small town somewhere outside of Atlanta’ and that Michel was driven to a small local hospital by his girlfriend.”

Though Michel’s dating life is an unknown, his family background has been well documented: Michel is the son of Haitian immigrants, according to a CBS clip of the running back.

To CBS in 2017, he said, “Like every other immigrant, it’s about opportunities, just to think about what they left behind, from family, that they don’t see much, to things they owned, just to come here and have nothing, to start from ground zero. And I think that’s what gave me my driving force.”

In an ESPN profile of the running back, his mother, Marie Michel, revealed that she didn’t tell her son much about the experience of coming to the United States when he was a child, because she didn’t want to upset him. In turn, Michel told the sports publication that it was only when he became an adult that he truly began to understand what his parents had done for him.

Michel said, “Now that I’m older, I can kind of have some type of perspective on it. I have some responsibilities now to see the sacrifices she made — both my parents made — and it shows I can’t just think for Sony. I have to do things for other people, too. Especially my family. I need them. They need me.”

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