WATCH: Peyton Manning & John Malkovich Star in Super Bowl Open (VIDEO)

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Peyton Manning and John Malkovich already won Super Bowl LIII.

Not really, but:

Malcovich schools Manning on story; how to create a Super Bowl ad, not as Manning wants, with gladiators in ancient Rome doing battle in the Colosseum, but as Malcovich emphatically and passionately explains, the story is the thing:

“East vs. West, Old vs. New. That is the only story you need, Peyton. All the rest is noise,” with big Super Bowl graphics in the background.

The joke is Peyton-as-actor, a thespian — “Thespian, I don’t know what that is,” he tells Malcovich — based on a commercial where the tagline is ‘Cut that meat!’ is first a championship football player and 135th an actor.

Manning’s football career, including two rings, is impressive, but he’s gained some new level of fame for his work as a spokesman for various products.

‘Cut That Meat!’

Peyton Manning MastercardCut That Meat!!2006-04-27T07:32:41.000Z

One of the most popular is his tailgating “Cut that meat!” spot for MasterCard in 2006.

Waht About the Mannings vs. the Williams’?

Williams vs ManningsCool commercial for DSRL Oreo.2009-01-04T20:25:47.000Z

Venus and Serena Williams and Peyton and Eli Manning throw down debating who’ss best the other in the (Oreo) DoubleStuff Racing League. It’s a clever ad and Manning, Peyton isn’t bad.

And the Humble Manning For Sprint

Sprint – Peyton Manning CommercialSprint – Peyton Manning Commercial2006-12-11T06:15:07.000Z

His Sprint ad from 2006 was another showcase of Manning’s humility.

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