Sean Mannion Contract & Salary: How Much Does the Rams’ Backup QB Earn?

Sean Mannion salary


Sean Mannion’s contract with the then-St. Louis Rams in 2015 amounted to a four-year, $3.25 million salary, which is set to expire in 2019. His annual salary in 2018 was $877,778.

His base salary in 2015 was $435,000, followed by $582,285 in 2016, and $730,037 in 2017, per Spotrac. Mannion also received a signing bonus of $625,797.

In 2019, Mannion will be a free agent. Over the summer, he told The Los Angeles Times that he didn’t feel extra concern about trying to get playing time in his fourth year, as opposed to his first year. Mannion said, “First year or last year, you have to play well to stay around.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Mannion Threw Three Passes for the Rams All Season

Per The TrentonianMannion has only thrown three passes for the last season for the Rams, but he still feels ready to jump in, should Jared Goff succumb to an injury during the Super Bowl.

Mannion said to the publication,

“That’s really how it’s been all year. You get here and you do all the media stuff and the different events, and you start to understand the magnitude of the game. But, that hasn’t changed my mindset in terms of how I prepare or handle the week of preparation or practice. I think you take the same approach all year long, and as a team, that’s served us well. For myself, I found a really good routine all season, and I’m just going to continue with that.”

He maintained that his team’s trip to the Super Bowl has been nothing but positive for him, describing it as “great.”

Mannion said, “We’re all in a hotel together with all of our teammates, so it kind of has a bowl game feel from college a little bit where you’re with everybody all the time. I think the media coverage and security outside of our hotel might be a little bit different, but really you just try to focus in on all the football and enjoy it at the same time.”

According to OregonLive, Mannion’s value has increased dramatically since he signed his deal with the Rams, and should he become a free agent, he could sign a hefty deal.

Cody Benjamin of CBS News wrote a report that favored the likelihood of Mannion signing a big contract. Benjamin wrote, “Why are we talking about a guy who’s thrown 53 passes and started exactly one game in his NFL career? Because he’s a young free agent quarterback, that’s why.”

Benjamin added, “The former Oregon State product has been largely unused in four years as a Rams backup, but the whole ‘friends with Sean McVay’ thing does wonders these days. It’d be a shock to see him command much, but look no further than Chase Daniel to see why Mannion, at age 26 with proven No. 2 experience, could still be a name to watch.”


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