Steve Spurrier AAF Salary: How Much Does Orlando Apollos Coach Make?

Steve Spurrier

Getty Orlando Apollos coach Steve Spurrier of the AAF

The Alliance of American Football brought in multiple big-named coaches and some well-known players for their inaugural season. But there’s no bigger name in the league than Orlando Apollos coach Steve Spurrier. The legendary coach came out of retirement to join the AAF, and not surprisingly, he’s reportedly being paid a nice salary to do so.

While CBS Sports revealed that players receive a three-year, $250,000 non-guaranteed contract and a first-year salary of $70,000, coaches are handled a bit differently it seems. Although the official coaching salaries are not revealed publicly, Sporting News reported prior to the season that the original plan was for coaches to make a $500,000 salary.

There is monetary appeal, as well. One source told Sporting News there is talk of a $500,000 salary for what amounts primarily to working a preseason, 10-game schedule and four-team playoff format to determine the first Alliance champion.

Assuming this is indeed the number, there’s an obvious reason why Spurrier chose to return to the sideline, along with the love of the game of course.

It’s worth noting that Sporting News revealed coaches signed a non-disclosure agreement which could result in financial penalties if violated. It’s unknown if this means Spurrier and the other coaches are unable to speak about contracts or what exactly the non-disclosure includes.

Steve Spurrier Didn’t Want to Be Head Coach Again

In the same story above from Alex Marvez of Sporting News, he cited that Spurrier previously admitted he didn’t want to be a head coach again. Part of the reasoning for that was due to the 11 months of work that coaches have to put in, which isn’t the case with the AAF.

“I don’t want to be a head coach,” Spurrier said during a news conference at Duke University. “There’s too much involved with being the head coach. But a high school somewhere to coach quarterbacks and pitch the ball around, that might be something that someday I might want to do again. But it’d have to be the right situation.

“Major college football — these guys work 11 months a year now. It’s so different than back in the ’90s or even the 2000s as far as the total number of hours these guys work. I don’t look forward to that.”

Spurrier was the head coach of the Duke Blue Devils from 1987-89 before taking over with the Florida Gators for a stretch that ran from 1990-2001. After a two-year stint with the Washington Redskins in the NFL, he proceeded to head back to college football and led the South Carolina Gamecocks from 2005-2015.

Prior to his return to the AAF, Spurrier had 26 years of head coaching experience under his belt. Over that stretch, he posted an impressive 228-89-2 record. His best winning percentage with a team came with Florida when he led the Gators to a 122-27-1 mark over 12 years.

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