Tom Brady & Robert Kraft Appeared to Kiss After Super Bowl

Tom Brady appeared to celebrate another Super Bowl victory by kissing Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the mouth. It is not clear whether they actually kissed on the mouth, but there was wide speculation on Twitter that they did. Several different angles of the embrace make it look like they kissed such as the above video.

It would not be the first time the two have kissed. SB Nation detailed a 2015 exchange as well. Leading up to the Super Bowl, Brady spoke about his close relationship with Kraft.

“The reality is I don’t think many people thought I’d be playing like this even though I had a great belief I would,” Brady explained to ESPN. “I think RKK [Kraft] has always supported me in my beliefs and thoughts. That’s why we have a great relationship.”

Kraft expects to keep things going with Brady as the Patriots quarterback. Before Super Bowl 53, Brady noted he would not be retiring. Kraft discussed with Yahoo Sports his desire for Brady to continue playing.

We’ve succeeded on selling him on the concept by him taking less, we can spread that around to other players to support his effort to win, and then if we win the annuity income comes for the rest of his life because the quarterback is the one who gets the most credit…Think about it like this: The last three years our team has gone to the Super Bowl under his leadership, we’ve gone four of the last five years and people speak about his age… we would be kind of silly to not do everything we could to keep it going, and we will.

It is not the first time Brady’s kisses have been put under the microscope. Brady kissed his son, Jack, during an episode of his Facebook documentary. Newsweek detailed the 2018 exchange between Brady and his son.

In the episode, Brady is pictured getting a massage in his Brookline, Massachusetts, home. Jack, his son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, enters the room and asks his father to let him check his fantasy football scores. Brady laughingly asks what he’ll get in return if he lets Jack use the computer, and Jack kisses him and tries to walk away.

“That was, like, a peck,” Brady says from the massage table. Jack turns around and kisses him again, this time on his mouth. He stays in place for about three seconds before standing up straight and walking out again while wiping his mouth with his T-shirt.

Now, it’s entirely possible that the kiss felt normal to both people involved. But on camera, the exchange feels entirely too long.

Here’s a look at Twitter’s reaction to Brady and Kraft’s potential kiss.

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