Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner’s Dating Status Brings Conflicting Reports

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Getty Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons

As Philadelphia 76ers young star Ben Simmons continues to thrive on the court, his life outside of basketball has been a consistent talking point. That’s to be expected to some extent when your rumored girlfriend is as well-known as Kendall Jenner. While the two have been linked since the summer and even took offseason trips together, the latest rumblings have created some confusion.

Although the two were spotted together on February 7 in New York City, the recent chatter points to things having shifted in their rumored relationship. At least one report has cited things going in the wronog direction while another recently pointed to the two going strong.

Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner Not Talking?

In round one of the whirlwind which came over the span of roughly a week or so, Sports Gossip reported that their source thinks the Sixers star and model are no longer together. While first citing Simmons’ constant likes on social media of Jenner’s photos, which apparently stopped, they also point to the duo not talking currently.

“I’m starting to believe Ben and Kendall aren’t together anymore, usually Ben is one of the first ones to like her pics, and he hasn’t in weeks, and last time they were spotted together was All-Star weekend after that short trip. Also hearing they are not talking right now.” Sports Gossip cited per a source.

This comes just over a month after Sports Gossip also cited a tip which was sent to them that Simmons had been cheating on Jenner. Whether or not that’s true is anyone’s guess, but the emails mentioned plenty of drama as the site detailed.

Simmons-Jenner Report Cites Things Getting ‘Very Serious’

As for the other side of the situation and rumor mill relating to the NBA star’s personal life, there’s a report of the relationship between Simmons and Jenner essentially thriving. This came roughly one week prior to the above chatter and is courtesy of US Weekly’s Jessica Vacco-Bolanos.

According to the report, an insider states that Simmons and Jenner have “gotten very serious” and “love spending as much time as possible together.”

“Kendall and Ben have gotten very serious and are very into each other,” the insider adds. “They’re not serious to the point where they’d get engaged any time soon, but they’re really enjoying their relationship and love spending as much time as possible together.”

Beyond that, US Weekly’s Jessica Vacco-Bolanos cites the source stating that Jenner enjoys going to Sixers games to support Simmons.

For what it’s worth, the small time difference between these two reports could point to something major changing. On the other side of things, maybe the two have moved out of the public eye a bit. Regardless, Sixers fans have reason to hope that Jenner attends many more games this season.

As Jamie Lynch of 97.5 The Fanatic revealed back at the end of January, Simmons and company had posted a 12-2 record to that point when the model was in attendance. She may have attended additional games since then, but considering there was originally a petition to ban Jenner from Sixers games, it’s safe to say things have come a long way.

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