Bill Walton Steals Show on ESPN In Oregon vs Washington: Twitter Reaction

Bill walton twitter reaction oregon vs washington

Getty Bill Walton whose hysterical quotes set twitter ablaze once again in the oregon washington game

After back to back nights of Bill Walton dominating twitter with his incredibly unique takes, he brought some of his best stuff for last in the Oregon vs Washington Pac-12 championship game. Although the game started slow, Walton was far from short of memorable quotes.

Backed by his incredible comedic dynamic with broadcast partner Dave Pasch, the duo makes for some of the most entertaining duos in the nation.

Twitter Reaction To Bill Walton in Oregon vs Washington

As he has the past two nights during the Pac-12 tournament, Bill Walton stole the show on national TV on ESPN. Twitter was more than willing to capture some of his best moments and provide some commentary of their own:

Bill has been big on Oregon the entire tournament and when faced with the fact that they may not make the NCAA tournament if they lose tonight, responded with an incredible hypothetical scenario for partner Dave Pasch.

A lot to unpackage here. I really wish I could offer some more commentary on this one here, but this is honestly just Bill Walton summed up in two tweets.

Okay so this one isn’t necessarily a Bill quote but funny nonetheless considering the man missed the start of overtime in last night’s semifinal game before jumping back on the mic to steal away a dunk call.

Bill would go on to follow this up by pleading for us to save our national parks. With a running platform like that, I think at this point, I may be all on board the #Walton2020 train.

Come on Greg, this is just a rookie mistake! Everyone knows that Bill Walton doesn’t believe in stats. He’s “too busy watching the game, man”.

Of course, you know Bill is taking full advantage of the Pac-12 tournament being in Vegas. Live it up big man.

Obligatory Classic Bill Walton Story

Back in Bill Walton and Danny Ainge‘s playing days, apparently Ainge and Walton struck up a conversation about music. Walton, being the deadhead that he is, obviously brought up the dead. I’ll let Ainge himself tell the rest:

(Per CBS Boston)

“When Bill first got here he gave me a disc of some sort to listen to the Grateful Dead, so I told him I’d try. I came back the next day and told him I wasn’t feeling it, but asked for his favorite song. He tears the thing out of my hand and says, ‘When you’re a Dead fan, it’s all one song.’”

We don’t deserve this man. #Walton2020

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