Raiders to Offer Le’Veon Bell Same Contract Antonio Brown Received?

Le'Veon Bell Raiders

Getty Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown

When the Oakland Raiders struck a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers for All-Pro Antonio Brown, it came with a nice pay raise for the wide receiver. The move was one welcomed by the fanbase for obvious reasons, as Brown fills an immediate need and the Raiders didn’t have to break the bank to land him. But shortly after the terms of the deal came to light, chatter began around Oakland possibly making a push for Brown’s former teammate, running back Le’Veon Bell.

With Bell set to be a free agent, he’s going to have a number of suitors more than likely, and will almost certainly receive a huge contract. So big, that one cap specialist believes it’ll rival the one the Raiders gave Brown, and he actually believes Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock could make that same contract offer to Bell.

As Michael Ginnitti, the co-founder of Spotrac stated, it’s “possible, if not likely” that the Raiders make the exact same offer to Bell that they did Brown.

It’s a huge contract for a running back (or any player for that matter), but at a minimum, it’s what many are expecting to see Bell receive.

Antonio Brown’s Contract With Raiders

According to reports from Pro Football Talk and ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Brown’s deal with the Raiders features a bump in pay immediately, along with multiple other key aspects. This includes more guaranteed money and additional incentives. The receiver’s pay over the next three seasons increased from $38.925 million to $50.125 million.

Along with the pay raise of just under $4 million per year, his incentives can drive the total up an additional $4 million over that span. Brown is also now guaranteed $30.125 million where there was none previously left on his deal.

One former Steelers player received his big payday, and if the Raiders are going to make a similar offer to Bell, it’ll be worth monitoring how he responds to it. This especially stands true due to the history of the running backs’ rumored offers.

Le’Veon Bell Reportedly Turns Down Huge Steelers Offer

During the 2018 offseason, Bell made waves when a report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport came to light. According to the analyst, Bell turned down a deal worth $70 million over five years with more than $30 million in two years.

So while Pittsburgh reportedly offered Bell $14 million per year over the five-season span, the potential Raiders offer would be roughly $16.7 million, give or take, over three seasons. Assuming the $30 million from the Steelers was all guaranteed, Oakland could potentially be offering the same amount in just over half the time.

For comparison’s sake, an average annual salary of $16.7 million would make Bell by far the highest-paid running back in the NFL. It would place him on a multi-year deal ahead of Todd Gurley ($14.375 million/year) and David Johnson ($13 million/year), as Over The Cap shows. It’s a huge number, and if it’s what the Raiders go with, they could have a very real chance to land the 27-year-old back.

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