WATCH: Ronaldo Gestures to Diego Simeone After Hat Trick in Champions League

Cristiano Ronaldo was fired up after scoring a hat trick to send Juventus through to the next round of the Champions League. After the big win, Ronaldo was seen gesturing to his crotch in what appeared to be an obscene gesture towards the Atletico Madrid supporters.

Ronaldo was likely directing it toward Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone who made a similar gesture after their win over Juventus in the first leg. detailed the move from the Atletico coach.

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has been fined but avoided a ban after making an obscene gesture during a Champions League match against Juventus.

UEFA says Simeone has been fined 20,000 euros ($22,500) for improper conduct…

Simeone turned to his team’s fans and made the gesture after Atletico defender Jose Maria Gimenez scored late in the first leg. The Argentine coach said the gesture showed he had the courage to make tough selection decisions. Two days later, he apologized.

You can watch Simeone’s original gesture via the video clip below.

VideoVideo related to watch: ronaldo gestures to diego simeone after hat trick in champions league2019-03-12T18:20:52-04:00

Ronaldo scored at the 27′, 49′ and 86′ minute to send Juventus through to the quarterfinals thanks to an improbable 3-2 lead in aggregate goals. Juventus headed into the second leg of the match down 2-0.

Here’s a look at Ronaldo’s third goal that sealed a match victory, match and aggregate goals all at the same time.

Here are Ronaldo’s first two goals in the match.

Diego Simeone Apologized to “The People That Were Offended” After His Gesture

Simeone issued an apology after his gesture in the first match. The coach originally defended the comments as a compliment to his players noting he used the same gesture as a player.

“I apologise to the people that were offended by my gesture the other day — and to Juventus,” Simeone said, per Sport. “It was a bad way to express what I felt about my players’ [performance]. I hope we can close the issue now.”

Simeone initially explained the incident as meaning his players had “balls” in the match.

“It meant that we have balls,” Simeone noted after the incident, per Sport. “A lot of balls. I [made the gesture] before when I was a player. Putting in Costa and Koke after a month out… they had to have balls and they did.”

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