Damian Lillard’s Tattoos Include Raiders Logo, Design on Warriors Jerseys

Damian Lillard tattoos

Getty Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard

Portland Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard has a number of tattoos with various meanings, and many of them will grab your attention. Although not all of Lillard’s tattoos are visible, as some are under his jersey, he’s revealed quite a few on social media and other avenues previously.

One interesting one which was caught on camera by NBA reporter Casey Holdahl was of the Oakland Raiders logo, which he apparently added during the summer of 2018.

Lillard is a huge Raiders fan, something he’s made known on numerous occasions before. Back in June of 2017, Lillard even tagged Raiders quarterback Derek Carr on Twitter with a video to joke that he was coming to take his job.

We’re going to take a look at a few of Lillard’s other tattoos, along with the meaning of them.

Damian Lillard’s Tattoo of Oakland Tree – Also on Warriors Jersey

As ESPN’s Nick DePaula previously detailed, Lillard has a tattoo of the Oakland tree across his chest with the words “Oakland” written on top of it. DePaula pointed out that the tree is the same one that can be found on the Golden State Warriors’ alternate jerseys.

In a story about the tattoo on ESPN, DePaula explains that the image in Lillard’s tattoo is of the Jack London Oak which is near City Hall and also featured on Oakland street signs. Not surprisingly, it’s one of many ways that Lillard has apparently shown his love for the city of Oakland.

For what it’s worth, Blazers fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to Lillard’s loyalty, considering he was born and raised in Oakland, which is surely obvious by now.

Damian Lillard’s Half-Sleeve Arm Tattoo

If watching Lillard during games you may spot a tattoo that stretches down the outside of his arm, from his shoulder to his elbow. It can be seen in various Instagram photos as well, which you’ll notice below, and features writing from the top down to the bottom.

As Hooped Up explains, this is the scripture for Psalm 37 from the Bible. They cite that it “urges believers to pay no mind to ‘evildoers’ and ‘cultivate faithfulness’ and the ‘desires of your heart’ will come to fruition.”

Lillard continuously reveals the meaning behind his tattoos on social media, and there are bound to be more unique additions in the future.

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