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8 Best Golf Pride Grips for all Clubs

golf pride grips

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Golf Pride grips are some of the most popular models among players all over the world from the PGA Pros to the Regular Joes.

They make highly durable and effective grips for all clubs, each that we will will go over from below. Whether you’re in the market for re-gripping your drivers, irons, or putters, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for below. Re-gripping your clubs is inevitable, so these are pretty valuable golf accessories to have.

You’ll find a number of different grip sizes, including Standard, Midsize, Jumbo, and Undersize. And also different Golf Pride technologies, such as All Rubber, Align, Hybrid, and Cord.

What are the Best Golf Pride Grips for all Clubs?

golf pride cp2 pro grips Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Excellent in wet weather
  • Bundle includes 13 grips
  • Great feel
Price: $114.50 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
golf pride mcc plus 4 grips Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Popular with PGA pros
  • All-weather control
  • Stylish colors available
Price: $134.89 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
golf pride tour velvet grip kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Popular with PGA pros
  • Non-slip surface
  • Full kit included
Price: $109.93 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
golf pride tour velvet align grips Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Features patented technology
  • Non-slip
  • Available in a kit or grips only
Price: $134.50 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
golf pride tour putter grip Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Pistol contour shape
  • Flat paddle front
  • Available in Classic or Tradition
Price: $14.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
golf pride tour snsr contour putter grip Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very soft feel
  • Tapered pistol profile
  • Available in 2 sizes
Price: $34.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
golf pride z grip cord Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very firm grip
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Excellent traction
Price: $159.81 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
golf pride vdr grips Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Shock-reducing rubber
  • All-weather
  • Triple-textured
Price: $85.84 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grip Bundle

    • The inner Control Core stabilizer reduces torque for better control
    • Soft rubber and high-tack surface provide excellent grip in all conditions
    • The larger lower hand tapers for better comfort and a smooth swing
    • There is no standard size available for this model
    • Some might have trouble applying the grips to the clubs
    • Doesn't include grip tape or solvent

    Some of Golf Pride’s softest and most popular grips are the CP2 Pros, which come in a bundle of 13 and are available in Midsize, Jumbo, and Undersized. 

    The Midsize weigh 63.5 grams each and have a 60 round core size, Jumbo are 80 grams and 60 round, and Undersize 45 grams and 58 round. The weights could vary by a few grams heavier or lighter.

    The 13 grips are enough to re-grip your entire set of golf clubs, excluding the putter. 

    Some of the top features of the grips are a soft, tacky feel thanks to the smooth rubber construction, Golf Pride’s Control Core technology, which is a 2.5 inch inner core stabilizer designed to reduce torque for better control, and a straighter taper design for even grip pressure for maximum comfort in all weather conditions.

  2. 2. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips

    • Uses 4 additional tape wraps on the lower hand for lighter grip pressure and less tension
    • The Brushed Cotton Cord is moisture-wicking and the rubber construction provides excellent grip in all conditions
    • Strategically placed surface texture provides maximum hand coverage
    • Jumbo size not available
    • Not all colors are available in all sizes
    • Doesn't include grip tape or grip solvent (grips only)

    Some of the best hybrid Golf Pride grips are the MCC Plus4 model, which have been used to win 2 major championships on the PGA Tour.

    One of the features is the larger lower hand with 4 extra wraps of tape for lighter grip pressure, less tension, and, ultimately, more power. Other highlights are the moisture-wicking cotton fibers and new softer rubber for a great feel and high-tack in all weather conditions and the maximum surface texture, which is strategically placed for better traction and full hand coverage. 

    The MCC Plus4 come in a bundle of 13 (all clubs except putter) and is available in standard size (52 grams each, 60 round core size), Midsize (66 grams, 60 round), and Undersize (47 grams, 58 round).


  3. 3. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip Kit (Midsize)

    • Made of a durable and soft rubber-blend compound for excellent comfort and feel
    • The grips are moisture-wicking and non-slip for maximum playability
    • You also get the wrap tape, solvent, and rubber vise clamp
    • This set is only available in Midsize
    • If you've never done it before, the application process could be difficult
    • There aren't any other color scheme options

    One of the most used Golf Pride grips by the PGA pros are the Tour Velvets, which have been part of over 600 worldwide victories in the past 10 years, including 60 in 2017 alone.

    And this bundle just include the 13 grips as you’ll get 13 strips of 2-inch double-sided grip tape, a 4 ounce bottle of solvent, and a rubber vise clamp — everything you need to do it yourself.

    Some the Tour Velvet’s top features are the innovative rubber-blend compound construction with moisture-wicking materials and non-slip grip, all of which promote maximum comfort and playability in all conditions. 

    This particular kit comes with Midsize grips, which weigh approximately 53.5 grams and has a 60 round core size. 

    These are also available in Tour Velvet singles in other sizes like Standard and Jumbo.

  4. 4. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Grips

    • Patented Align Technology is designed to improve clubface awareness for more consistency
    • The raised ridge is designed to get you better hand alignment for more consistency
    • Made of a durable rubber blend for an excellent non-slip grip
    • This particular kit is standard size only
    • On the pricey side
    • Some users might have trouble applying the grips on their own

    The highlight of these Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips is the patented Align technology, which is designed to get your hands in proper position to keep the clubface square throughout the swing to promote more consistency.

    Other highlights include the raised ridge, which helps promote better hand alignment, and the soft rubber blend construction that has a non-slip surface pattern for excellent traction and playability in all conditions.

    The Standard size grips weigh approximately 52 grams each and have a 60 Align core size.

    You have an option with the Tour Velvet Aligns. You can get just the 13 grips or you can get the full kit, which is included grip tape, solvent, and vise clamp for a little extra. These grips can fit on hybrid golf clubs as well. 

  5. 5. Golf Pride Tour Putter Grip

    • The pistol contour shape helps "lock in" the upper hand for more consistency
    • Soft rubber construction leads to light grip pressure for a more smooth stroke
    • The flat paddle front promotes proper thumb placement and alignment
    • Not all players prefer the contour shape
    • Some might find this grip to be too thin
    • Some felt it had a lot of tack at first which led to dust build-up

    The Golf Pride Tour Putting Grip Series is available in 2 styles — the Classic and the Tradition, which is preferred by many professionals.

    The Tour Classic is Midsize and weighs 84 grams with a 58 round core size, while the Tradition is Standard and weighs 58 grams with a 58 round core size.

    Both feature a pistol contour shape which helps “lock in” the upper hand for a consistent grip, a flat paddle front for proper thumb placement and alignment, and they each will give immediate feedback on contact. They also each have all rubber construction for a soft, comfortable feel.

  6. 6. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Putter Grip

    • The pistol contour shape is larger in the upper hand area and helps in getting a consistent grip
    • It's 40 percent softer than any other Golf Pride putter grip
    • Very popular with PGA pros and gives immediate feedback
    • This bright look isn't for everyone
    • On the pricey side for 1 grip
    • If you prefer a traditional shape, then maybe this isn't for you

    Finally, we’ve gotten to a putter grip. And the Tour SNSR Contour is one of Golf Pride’s most popular models.

    This grip has the pistol tapered profile shape which helps you “lock in” your upper hand for consistent hand placement every time you’re on the green. This grip, which is 40 percent softer than any other Golf Pride grip, is super comfortable and offers great feel.  

    This model is the 140cc size, which weighs 124 grams and has a 58 round core size. There is also a Tour SNSR Contour Grip in 104cc, which has a 90 gram weight and 58 round core size.

  7. 7. Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord 13-Piece Grip Bundle

    • The moisture-wicking brushed cotton ensures a great grip in all weather conditions
    • These are designed for golfers who prefer a very firm grip
    • The "Z" shape texture pattern provides excellent traction
    • Standard size only
    • This model isn't for players who prefer a soft grip
    • On the pricey side

    The firmest Golf Pride grips are the ZGRIP Cord style, which features 2 layers of texturing for immediate feedback and maximum control on every shot.

    One is a “Z”-shaped texture pattern that winds vertically around for extra control, then a heavy cord texture throughout provides moisture-wicking properties to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

    These Standard grips weigh about 50.5 grams apiece and have a 60 round core size. 

    You can also get ZGRIP Cord Grip singles if you don’t need all 13, which is how many you get in this bundle.

  8. 8. Golf Pride VDR Standard Grips 13-Piece Bundle

    • Shock-reducing rubber compound construction offers protection on miss-hits
    • Three layers of surface texture promote durability
    • Designed to provide excellent traction and all-weather performance
    • Some might find these to be on the thicker side
    • Doesn't include grip tape and solvent
    • Some find the process of re-gripping to be difficult

    The Golf Pride VDR Grips are highlighted by their shock-reducing rubber compound construction, which is designed to offer wrist protection on miss-hits. 

    The VDRs feature triple-texture technology with 3 layers of surface grip to maximize traction, durability, and playability. They also have properties that make them effective in all kinds of weather, including wet conditions.

    These Standard size All Rubber grips come in a set of 13. Each weighs approximately 50 grams and has a 60 round core size. 

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