Kyle Guy’s Family Are the Reason Behind His Jersey Number

Kyle Guy’s family is the reason behind his No. 5 jersey number, according to The Richmond Times-DispatchHe has five siblings, the publication notes; his parents divorced young, and both remarried.

Per the publication, Guy’s father is Joe Guy, and his mother is Katy Fitzgerald. Both families are still based in Indianapolis; according to Guy’s fiancee, Alexa Jenkins, Guy has a support system of about fifty deep attending his national championship game.

To The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Joe Guy said, “I still can’t believe it. Everything is paying off. All the hotels, the AAU tournaments, the weekends in July in a gym in St. Louis or Louisville or whatever it may be. It’s awesome to see all that pay off.”

Here’s what you need to know about Guy’s parents and family:

Guy’s Father, Joe Guy, Played Football, Not Basketball

According to SB Nation, Guy’s father was a football player, and though Guy had grown up loving basketball, he wanted to pursue football instead. However, an injury in the eighth grade prevented that from happening. Guy began to play basketball, and by the time he turned 14, he had received his first scholarship offer from the University of Indianapolis. To the publication, Guy said, “My stepdad and my dad were like, ‘Holy sh*t, he’s real.'”

Guy often gives love to his parents and family on social media, including his step parents. On April 8, 2018, he celebrated his grandfather and stepfathers’ birthdays, writing, “Happy birthday to 2 role models… step pops and grandfather… appreciate everything you guys do for me. Love y’all ❤️”

Surprisingly enough, Tony Bennett isn’t the only Bennett in Guy’s life: he also has a little brother named Bennett, who is five years old:

In another Instagram post, Guy celebrated his father’s birthday, writing, “Anotha one… happy birthday to my pops!! One of the bravest men I know and funniest people I know. Love you dad, WHO DEY ?????”

Guy & His Fiancee, Alexa Jenkins, Have Been Together Since the 8th Grade

Guy and Jenkins have been together around a decade, according to his tweet that says they’ve been dating since 8th grade. The two grew up in the Indianapolis area. According to an Instagram by Jenkins, the two met at none other than a basketball game.

Specifically, SB Nation shares the story, as explained by Jenkins:

Guy also met Alexa Jenkins that year. He had traveled with his cousin, Cody Jacob, to a local basketball game, where Jenkins, who was already friends with Jacob, was watching her brother play. Afterward, she texted Jacob and said she thought Guy was “cute.” They first flirted on social media when Guy tweeted that he liked Eminem and Jenkins tweeted back an Eminem lyric. They exchanged numbers and started dating soon afterward.

Jenkins and her brother Tyler are biracial: they have a white mother (Brandi Jenkins) and a black father (Derrick Williams). Per LinkedIn, Brandi Jenkins is a dental hygienist at Schroeder & Schroeder Dentistry in Indianapolis.

Jenkins’ brother is a basketball player just like Guy. He played college for two seasons at Lehigh University, then transferred to play his remaining two seasons at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.

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