NBA Playoff Standings 2019: Bracket for Eastern & Western Conferences

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Getty The Nets and Magic are among the teams fighting for a playoff spot in the East.

With less than a week remaining before the NBA playoff matchups are set, the bracket is solidifying as teams fight for position. The Western Conference has all eight seeds locked up, but the exact order is still being determined. Things in the Eastern Conference are much more fluid with the final three seeds still up for grabs.

The Pistons, Nets, Magic, Heat and Hornets are still in the hunt, meaning five teams are fighting for just three spots. One thing worth noting is the Nets host the Heat on the final day of the regular season which could end up being an elimination game for one of the final Eastern Conference seeds. The Magic were helped with their win over the Knicks while the Heat and Nets both lost their matchups.

According to Five Thirty Eight’s projections, the Magic have a 94 percent chance of making the playoffs. Brooklyn is next in line at 74 percent followed by Miami at 29 percent. The computer projections give Charlotte just a three percent chance to make the playoffs.

“It’s still a tight race and things can change quickly, but obviously we’re in a good spot, right where we want to be,” Magic center Nikola Vucevic said, per

The No. 1 Seed Is Up for Grabs in the East & West

The top seed is still up for grabs in both conferences. Milwaukee has a healthy lead on Toronto as the Raptors would need some help to be able to jump the Bucks. The Warriors or Nuggets are likely to earn the No. 1 seed in the West.

While teams in the West are set, seeds No. 3 to No. 5 are all separated by less than two games. Seeds No. 6 through No. 8 are also separated by two games or less. This means the Western Conference matchups are far from solidified. The Sixers, Celtics and Pacers are battling for No. 3 through No. 5 in the East.

There are a few things to note about the NBA standings below. Teams listed in italics have already clinched a playoff berth. The teams in bold have clinched a playoff berth along with a division title.

The eight playoff teams in the West are solidifed, and there are only 10 teams in the running for the playoffs in the East. The bracket is based on the standings heading into the NBA games on Thursday, April 4th and will be updated once games go final.

Here is a look at the current NBA playoff picture.

NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Standings

1. Milwaukee Bucks 59 20
2. Toronto Raptors 56 23 2.5
3. Philadelphia Sixers 49 30 10
4. Boston Celtics 47 32 11.5
5. Indiana Pacers 47 32 11.5
6. Detroit Pistons 39 39 19
7. Brooklyn Nets 39 40 19.5
8. Orlando Magic 39 40 19.5
9. Miami Heat 38 40 20
10. Charlotte Hornets 36 42 22

Western Conference Playoff Standings 2019

1. Golden State Warriors 54 24
2. Denver Nuggets 52 26 2
3. Houston Rockets 51 28 3
4. Portland Trail Blazers 50 28 3.5
5. Utah Jazz 48 30 5.5
6. LA Clippers 47 32 7
7. OKC Thunder 45 33 8.5
8. San Antonio Spurs 45 34 9

NBA Playoff Bracket 2019

First Rd. (West) First Rd. (East)
1. Warriors 1. Bucks
8. Spurs 8. Magic
4. Blazers 4. Celtics
5. Jazz 5. Pacers
3. Rockets 3. Sixers
6. Clippers 6. Pistons
2. Nuggets 2. Raptors
7. Thunder 7. Nets