Insane Virginia vs Auburn Final Four Finish Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy

Auburn v Virginia Twitter Reaction

Getty Kyle Guy of the Virginia Cavaliers attempts a game-winning three point basket as he is fouled by Samir Doughty which sent twitter into a frenzy.

After an insane finish in the Virginia vs Auburn Final Four showdown, it would only make sense that some incredible Twitter reactions would surface in the aftermath.

Down two points with almost no time left on the clock, Auburn’s Samir Doughty was called for a questionable foul on Virginia’s Kyle Guy, setting Guy up for three free throws to essentially end the game. Guy would drain all three and send Virginia onto the National Championship. Virginia had only previously been to two final fours, never advancing to the national championship game before in program history.

The ending of the game marred what was an otherwise incredible basketball game, seeing both teams change leads throughout the game before Virginia pulled away down the stretch. Not to be put away easily, Auburn stormed back into the game with a monster run in the final minutes and eventually took back the lead.

The dismal end result predictably sent the Auburn faithful into a frenzy. Especially on Twitter, fans were extremely vocal in their defense of what they felt was the biggest robbery in the history of the tournament.

Virginia vs Auburn Wild Finish Twitter Reactions

Tainted is a strong word but this game without a doubt goes down as one of the worst bad beats in the history of sports.

One half of Barstool Sport’s podcast Mickstape, Tyler said this was probably the second worst way to lose a game. He would later go on to admit that it might in fact just be worse.

Well, it seems karma might in fact just be a real thing after all…

We’ll touch on that in just a second Big Cat & PFT, don’t you worry.

It most definitely was a basketball game, no doubting that take.

Throw the 401K, nay, the house, farm, and kids on Texas Tech! In the words of Marty Mush, “that’s why we have two games”.

Best Auburn Twitter Reactions to Loss

I mean, it WAS technically a foul but yeah, can’t say you’re wrong here though…

Now here is where the fun starts. Love how this fellow feels that Tony Bennett and Virginia have zero integrity for winning a hard-fought game. The only rational solution is to just forfeit!

You and me both brother, you and me both…

This post, courtesy of our guy Jerry, comes with a heavy dose of extra salt after the loss.

Charles just wants to cry right now. Poor man, that noncall on the double dribble was a heartbreaker.

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