Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner Dating: Latest on Sixers Guard and Model

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Early in the 2018-19 NBA season, model Kendall Jenner was spotted at numerous Philadelphia 76ers games in support of rumored boyfriend Ben Simmons. The Sixers guard, fresh off a Rookie of the Year campaign the season prior, has put together an impressive year, but it appears his season may end with him in a split from Jenner.

It’s been an interesting stretch for Simmons and Jenner, to say the least. When the 2019 NBA Playoffs began, it appears the Sixers star opted to turn his attention fully to the push for a title, as Erin Silvia and Russ Weakland of Hollywood Life revealed.

As the report stated at the time, they were “still dating” but it wasn’t “super duper serious,” which we quickly saw proven true in the coming weeks.

Kendall Jenner Appears to Move on From Ben Simmons

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Jenner may be understanding of Simmons’ focus on the postseason, but it appears she’s open to the idea of dating around. Certified Pop reported that Jenner met with ex-boyfriend and Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin for dinner just recently. While that was worth noting, another potential situation came to light shortly after.

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According to Sports Gossip, Jenner was spotted with another ex-boyfriend, who is also an NBA player in Jordan Clarkson. They revealed that the pair, who were together in 2016 and into 2017, were together at Travis Scott’s birthday party.

“She was meeting Blake the other day and now she was seen with Jordan Clarkson at Travis scott birthday party” Sports Gossip posted.

While there is no clearly-defined update on the status of Simmons and Jenner, the situation continues to provide interesting updates which may signal the end of their relationship.

Ben Simmons, Kendall Jenner Dating Rumors & Update

When sports gossip blog Terez Owens put the news out that Simmons and Jenner may have split, it was quickly denied by Philly photographer Hugh E. Dillon. Apparently, Dillon, who’s snapped photos of a number of celebrities, found out shortly after that the rumors very well may be true.

He proceeded to issue an apology to the website, as The Inquisitr revealed, citing that he’s been told the two have broken up.

“Apologies to ⁦@TerezOwens⁩ looks like ⁦Ben Simmons and ⁦Kendall Jenner⁩ have split. I’ve been getting tips on are they or aren’t they together for days. I’m going w/not in hopes both sides will stop thinking I care a lot and stop DMing me.” Dillon tweeted.

To make things even more interesting between the two, it appears that Simmons didn’t just want to focus on the playoffs, but may have wanted to split altogether potentially. That has not been confirmed, but Certified Pop did point out that it was Simmons who wanted the split from Jenner. Whether the potential for the two to work things out down the road is on the table remains an unknown, but there’s plenty to monitor.

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