Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Wife, Amy & Former Driver Credit Counseling for Saved Marriage

Amy Earnhardt

Getty Dale Earnhardt Jr. pictured with wife Amy Earnhardt at the 2018 NASCAR Awards.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. opened up about how going to counseling with his wife, Amy Earnhardt, may have saved their marriage. Dale Jr. credits their “bad-ass” therapist for helping him through some immaturity.

“We ended up meeting a therapist named Jane, and Jane was a bad-ass,’’ Earnhardt told USA Today. “I’ve been in and out of therapy all my life and I think therapy is great for anyone and I encourage everybody to do it. Everybody’s got a little bit of something they need to tune on. And Jane saved our relationship, I think…Without Jane, we would have tried (marriage) probably but it would not have been as good. Yeah, it would have been a struggle.”

During an interview with NBC Sports’ Graham Besinger, Amy noted that Dale Jr. initially did not want to get married. She explained that she would have been okay if they had not gotten married but did not want to have children under that scenario.

“He said so many times for so many years that he just wasn’t gonna get married,” Amy said, per People. “But he wanted to have kids and so I told him, ‘I get you not wanting to get married. We don’t have to get married, but I’m never having children with you if we aren’t.’”

The couple got married on New Year’s Eve in 2016 at Childress Vineyards in Lexington, North Carolina. The venue is owned by NASCAR owner Richard Childress. Dale Jr. and Amy now have a daughter, Isla.

Dale Jr. & Wife, Amy, Split Diaper Duty With Daughter, Isla

Dale Jr. warmed up to fatherhood and is now all-in on dad duty. The former NASCAR driver noted to USA Today that the couple splits up responsibilities like diaper-changings and baths.

“Oh yeah, I do it all,’’ Earnhardt told USA TODAY Sports. “I want Isla to really know me and to know she can really depend on me. So I get her up in the mornings, me and Amy, we share responsibility with getting her up and putting her down for bed. Or getting her up or putting her down for naps. Changing her diapers, all those things, making her bottles, feeding her…I give her a bath by myself sometimes. I mean, Amy trusts me to do it. So she loves her bath. I’ll put her in the tub and she just plays and smiles and loves the water.’’

The couple admitted after Isla’s birth that they are hoping to have more kids. Dale Jr. noted they want their daughter to grow up with siblings.

“We’re kind of in the trenches still, a little bit,” Amy explained to People. “We want her to have a sibling, so we’ll try sooner [rather] than later.”

Amy Earnhardt Is Enjoying Life Since Dale Jr. Retired From NASCAR

Dale Jr. is now focused on his broadcasting career after retiring from NASCAR. He still covers the sport from the booth, and even has been part of other broadcasts including the Olympics and Kentucky Derby. Amy noted life is a bit easier for the family without the stress of winning or losing each Sunday.

“Life’s a lot less stressful,” Amy told People. “Everything revolved around whether he did well or not in that race car. I don’t think he even realized it until he got out, how much it affected his day.”

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