Keanon Lowe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Keanon Lowe


Keanon Lowe is the former Oregon Ducks wide receiver who is being credited with stopping a gunman who was lurking close to Parkrose High School in Portland on May 17. Lowe was identified as the man who tackled the gunman on the school’s tennis court in a report from The Oregonian. Authorities said that they recovered a gun at the tennis courts.

Cops were first called to the school at around 11:45 a.m. local time after getting reports of a man with a gun on the campus at Parkrose High School. The school is located in the northeast section of the city.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Said the Gunman Had Come to the School to Commit Suicide

Students describe gun scare at Parkrose High SchoolStudents describe gun scare at Parkrose High School2019-05-17T21:20:07.000Z

Various local reports said that the gunman had brought a gun to the school with the intention of committing suicide. Officials have said that all students and staff at the high school are safe, thanks in part to Lowe’s actions. The Oregonian reports that the suspect is a student at Parkrose High School.

2. At the Time Lowe Took the Parkrose Job, the Team Had Lost 23 Games in a Row

Portland police press conference on gunman at Parkrose High SchoolPortland police press conference on gunman at Parkrose High School2019-05-17T20:50:46.000Z

According to his LinkedIn page, Keanon Lowe is Parkrose High School’s football coach, as well as training the school’s track and field team. When Lowe took on the job at Parkrose, he was joined by his former Oregon Duck teammate, Brian Jackson, as the team’s defensive coordinator as well as strength and conditioning coach.

In an interview with Fox Oregon, Lowe said the first person he called after taking the job at Parkrose was Jackson. While Jackson told the station, “He’s my brother. I was like, yeah, of course. Anything you need, bro. Let’s go.” Jackson added that the pair was not scared by the fact that Parkrose had lost their last 23 games in a row saying, “I am sure it scared a lot of people away but if you feel the environment, the vibe, we are all ready to make something happen. You can feel it.” In 2018, the team won five of their ten games, including an 82-7 victory over Benston in September.

3. Lowe Began His Post-NCAA Career Working With the Philadelphia Eagles

Mother says her teen ran from Parkrose High after 'she saw the butt of the gun'A mother describes the anxiety of trying to know whether her twins at Parkrose High were safe.2019-05-17T20:46:32.000Z

Lowe began his post-NCAA career as an analyst in the NFL, first with the Philadelphia Eagles and then with the San Francesco 49ers. In February 2017, Lowe began high school coaching with Jesuit High School, his alma mater, in Portland where he was an assistant coach. Lowe took the job as head football coach at Parkrose in March 2018. Since February 2019, he has been working with the school’s track and field team. During his redshirt year with the Oregon Ducks in 2010, Lowe worked with the school’s scouting team.

4. The University of Oregon Pays Tribute to Lowe on Their Website Saying His ‘Contributions Cannot Be Documented by Statistics’

2013 Ducks Player Highlights HD #7 Keanon LoweHere are some player highlights of Keanon Lowe from the 2013 season to get everyone ready for 2014's opening game tomorrow.2014-08-30T05:49:26.000Z

During his time with the University of Oregon between 2011 and 2014, Lowe helped the team win two Rose Bowls. On his official team profile, the opening sentence reads, “His contributions could not be documented merely by statistics.” The bio goes on to say that Lowe’s efforts across the field led to him receiving Oregon’s Most Inspirational Player award in his senior year. Lowe, the son of Kevin and Jennifer Lowe, was a General Social Science graduate of the University of Oregon.

5. There Were Rumors that the Texans & Raiders Were Interested in Drafting Him in 2015

A Few Minutes With Keanon LoweFormer Oregon ducks player Keenan no talks about handing down football knowledge to the next generation.2015-07-10T05:25:58.000Z

At the time of his graduation, it was reported that Lowe had attracted the interest of the Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders.

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