Kevin Durant Injury: How Long is Calf Strain Recovery Time?

Getty Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors walks out to the court as Stephen Curry #30 waits to take a shot from the hallway before their game against the Houston Rockets in Game Five of the Western Conference Semifinals.

Kevin Durant came up gimpy after a jump shot early in the 4th quarter of Wednesday night’s 104-99 victory in Game 5 over the Houston Rockets. While the Warriors now lead 3-2 in the Western Conference semifinals, Durant’s availability for the next two games will be a hot-button issue.

The Warriors PR team, as well as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, confirmed that the game-ending injury was a right calf strain. How long is the typical recovery time for something like that?

According to Very Well Health, the typical recovery time for a Grade I calf strain is seven to 10 days, which would stretch past Friday’s Game 6 and a potential Game 7 Sunday.

If you think that doesn’t apply for professional athletes, there are some high-level trainers that disagree. 26-year NFL trainer Mike Ryan suggests a longer recovery is necessary to prevent further damage.

When you think the athlete’s calf is ready to return to full speed with no limitations, give the healing calf one more week. Your calf will thank you.

Steve Kerr is busy at the moment dropping f-bombs in celebration of Wednesday’s win. He did mention that he was assured that it was a calf strain and not an Achilles injury like previously feared.

ESPN’s medical expert Dr. Robert Klopper tweeted that: “We can see the Calf Muscle still moving the foot when Achilles is Not torn. Strain means Microscopic Tear.”

If the calf strain is actually a tear, that would be season-ending.

The most optimistic of the above professional advice will see the Warriors without their star scorer against a hungry Rockets team in the last two games of the series.